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Luann: I Wasn’t Trying to Be Hurtful to Carole

Luann thinks it's Carole's actions and inability to tell the truth that has strained their relationship.

By Luann de Lesseps

Our season ends with new beginnings…or at least an attempt at them! Ramona always finds an excuse to throw a party and “new beginnings” is as good as any. Perfection is boring (and unattainable), and it’s our mistakes and our triumphs that make us who we are. Whether we are attending parties to celebrate starting anew or, as Sonja suggests instead, a masquerade ball, I think we can all agree that for the most part, life is unpredictable on the Ramonacoaster!

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I loved seeing Bethenny’s finished apartment and how happy she is to have a home again. Her daughter’s room is precious, and I’m sure they will enjoy spending time together in a place that is their own. Carole ruined a happy moment by talking about me, saying that I act like something I’m not. Good for Bethenny for sticking up for me. It’s nice to know she has my back. Everyone always ends up forgiving Ramona for her behavior, but apparently Carole is holding a grudge against me for speaking the truth about what happened in the Turks and Caicos.

Is Carole and Luann's Friendship Really Over?

John and Dorinda dining together is always amusing, especially when one of them takes over ordering for the other. Why can’t they just order for themselves? John was acting needy while Dorinda was in London and now he’s pushing her to move to the “next plateau,” whatever that is? She dealt masterfully with a potentially awkward situation when she said that moving forward would entail bringing John and her daughter closer and that this would have to happen naturally. He seemed to accept this polite brush off, and he even found hope within her message.

John Is Ready to Take the Next Step

Who cares what Ramona calls her party? I agree with Dorinda when she said that it’s an opportunity to buy a dress and drink martinis, so why not enjoy? I brought my handsome friend Thomas Roberts as my date. He’s smart, polite (and taken), but a great friend to join me for the evening. Bethenny is unrelenting when she feels a wrong needs righting, and I was glad that Ramona quickly asked for forgiveness and copped to acting like a six-year old. Who stays mad at a six-year-old for long?

Bethenny Isn't Letting Ramona Off the Hook

I wish that seeing Adam with Carole didn’t make me slightly queasy, but it did at that moment. I’m totally over this now, and I don’t care who Carole dates. I’m sorry that the line about children came out of my mouth; I wasn’t trying to be hurtful to Carole. I have more of an issue with Carole’s behavior as a girlfriend. Her actions and her inability to be truthful have put a strain on our relationship, and I’m unsure of where it’s going in the future. This season has brought me much closer to Ramona, Sonja, and Bethenny, and I’m grateful to all the ladies for sharing their lives with me and with you.

I can’t wait for you all to see part one of the reunion coming up next week where we hash out our issues with Andy Cohen moderating and let me tell you, I’ve got a lot to say! I promise you that this reunion has at least one “first,” and it’s a doozy!

Your First Look at the RHONY Reunion

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