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Ashley On ... Roughing It And Her Style

Ashley Waring shares more about her camping trip, and answers viewer questions!

By Kara Keough


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We kind of get a feel for how you and the other kids feel about the RV in the episode, but can you elaborate on the trip?
Camping is OK, and nature is beautiful, but my idea of roughing it is a hotel that doesn't have room service or a day spa. Now I know what you all are thinking (what a priss, spoiled, lives in a bubble, etc). I am sorry! I just love long hot showers, pretty hair, and unclogged pores. I don't like to hunt or fish. I hate dirt, mosquitoes, and all other bugs. I see no purpose in sleeping on the ground or freezing your butt off in a tent. I hate bees and other things that sting. Birds scare me, so I have no enjoyment of bird-watching. I think building a tent is something boys should do. Use matches to make a fire for Christ's sake -- what is this stick rubbing and rock clicking crap? I can barely read a compass let alone track something by the position of the sun. I am NOT peeing outdoors. I hate spiders and things that crawl. I am not much for playing with the bears or mountain climbing with the ticks and snakes and whatever else hides in the mountains. I don't like being scared of dropping a crumb outside of your camper because bears will come looking for food. I am thankful for air conditioning, pilates at the gym, indoor plumbing, and a good martini bar. Call me spoiled; call me whatever it is you want. But it's just not my thing. I could maybe see going camping with a bunch of friends for two days tops. I am willing to try everything once ... and I camped all the time as a child. Stick me in a tent on the beach, and I'm sure I could adapt to that. You can take the girl out of the OC, but you can't take the OC out of the girl! It isn't because I have to have my cell phone, laptop, or a TV. That isn't true at all -- give me a book and I am just fine. It isn't a technological thing at all. I just do not like bugs. The camping scene is not my milieu! But for you ladies that love it: YOU GO GIRLS!

For the most part I did enjoy being around my family, but it was just too close for comfort! SEVEN girls in a camper with a bathroom that was 3 feet by 3 feet ... that's just not OK! Ha!

Did you guys sleep outside?
Bear attacks + Soft tents = No Sleeping Outside

Would you go on another trip like this?
Not another RV trip! We did however stay at the Four Seasons a few days before in Wyoming and that was fun! We went horseback riding and white water rafting! I can handle that kind of stuff. I wish it was the other way around -- camping first, then relaxing at the Four Seasons.

You and McKenzie attempt to scare the others with your animal costumes -- whose idea was this?
Ha! It was my idea. Those costumes were ridiculous! I tried to find a bear costume, but the gorilla and the crazy chicken were all we could find! So we spent the whole trip telling the girls and the parents about how there have been Sasquatch sightings and a breed of dangerous killer chickens roaming Yellowstone! It was pretty funny... but I think we made them laugh more than we scared them!

Now, onto answering some of the commenters' questions: People keep asking me about my makeup, hair, skin care, and clothes! Makeup: I use MAC powder, and here are a few eye shadow colors I use: "jest," "bisque," "espresso," and "bronze". I love L'Oreal Carbon Black Voluminous Volume Building Mascara. And for lip gloss I have been using the Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush. They are pretty and taste yummy too. I use a MAC lip liner called "subculture." Oh and the MAC bronzer is really pretty too!

Hair: For shampoo and conditioner I like to alternate between "Enjoy's volume line and Pureology's new line called "Nano Works." Both help prevent your color from fading! And I love my Hot Tools one-inch curling iron. Skin Care: Sonya Dakar sun screen (EVERYDAY!). Celex-C (Advanced C-Serum, and Hyrdra 5 B-Complex). I also use the Sonya Dakar face scrub! I use a generic face wash in the morning and night.

Clothing: I must say I'm a sucker for Forever 21. I love new clothes and I can buy new outfits every week there. Ha-ha. I love jewelry, especially big rings. I was actually in that store Kohl'ls and found that big black ring that I am wearing in all of the episodes for about 10 bucks! Major deal. I shop at Nordstrom for jeans, shoes, and accessories, and Bebe for outfits and shoes!

If anyone has any other questions feel free to ask! I will try to respond again in my next blog! I love you all, and I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and safe New Year's!

xoxo, Ashley

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