S3 - E6

The Boys of Summer

Lauri invites her daughter, Ashley, for lunch to fill her in on the latest wedding plans. She's found a designer for her dress and wants Ashley to be with her during her fitting. Ashley is excited, but feels that after her mother's two previous walks down the aisle, she deserves to be her Maid of Honor for number three. Lauri, however, is not sold on the idea. Vicki's son, Michael, begins an insurance internship in Seattle. Vicki has promised to pass on the "insurance torch" to Michael if he's interested in pursuing the field as a career. Although Michael's not certain he has the passion for insurance, he does have the passion for the money. Jeana's oldest son, Shane, is playing minor league baseball. Jeana and her youngest son, Colton, travel to Vancouver to watch him play. While there, Colton plays with the team and gets some valuable tips from his big brother. Tamra's real estate business is taking off, but the work leaves her very little time to see her husband, Simon. Tamra decides to surprise her him with a visit to his office. Meanwhile, Tamra's son, Ryan, has finally landed a job -- just not the one he expected. A new housewife has arrived on scene as, Quinn, a divorcee, looks for her next soul mate, but in all the wrong places. A devout Christian, Quinn struggles to find the qualities she's looking for in a boyfriend as she juggles two younger men in her life, Billy and Jared.

Aired: 12/11/2007
TV-14 |