Tension at the Tracks

Tension at the Tracks

Gretchen Rossi talks engagement rings, pink hats, and petty gossip.

I must say I have never been this excited to "what watch happens" on this week's episode! I was at the party myself and I don't even know how it is going to turn out based on the previews for this week's show - now that is comedy! It is going to be a doozy, I am sure! My ring was beautiful and my reaction was over the top, and I am happy it was because it was something very special for Jeff and me! What girl doesn't get excited about her engagement ring? The kids were super excited for me as well and I called Jeff immediately to tell him thank you and how pretty it was, but it wasn't shown which kind of bummed me out. I was laughing at my childish behavior as I was walking to the trashcan and forgot I had the ring on, of course I got excited because it is beautiful and super special to me! I do have to say though, I have no idea where they came up with the price amount of the ring. I can assure you that Jeff and I never told them the cost of the ring. That one made me laugh too. I guess it makes good T.V. to flash a dollar amount. I just don't care about that, as long as it makes me smile, that is what is important. It could be a freaking rose and if it was done out of love I would get excited. I am a hopeless romantic and the smallest things make me giddy, let alone the big moments such as receiving an engagement ring. Jeff always told me that is what he loved the most about me — my ability to make everything that was mediocre super exciting just by my spunk! I took pride in that statement and will carry it close to my heart. Jeff really wanted me to have a ring I loved and something we designed together (he picked the diamond and I picked the setting.) I still wear it proudly on my finger today! It is so pretty, and reminds me of him!

I am laughing my ass off about the horse races! I remember thinking this is crazy — we are all grown women and it feels like we are in high school. I am not kidding when I said women could make an Olympic sport out of gossiping! It's very sad to me, but oh well. If it makes people feel better to gossip about someone else, then so be it. I think what was the funniest part to me is when I said, "Are you guys talking about me?" and Tamra said, "Oh no honey — we would never talk about you!" But she had been talking about me two second earlier! And the Oscar goes to who? Hehe, I have to tease Tamra a little bit for that line.

I'm glad I didn't let their gossiping bother me despite how obvious it was and could still have fun despite the tension that could cut the air. I had so much fun with my brother, Lynne, Frank and Jeana that day! It's too bad the footage only shows the drama, not all the fun stuff that we were doing. The laughing, the betting, the winning! My brother won $2,000 dollars for goodness sakes! I love to get dressed up and wearing a fun hat to boot made it an extra fun day! Now for the hat issue! This one makes me laugh even harder. I seriously could not understand why the production crew was asking me about the pink hats in my interviews. I was like, "Did I miss something?" I had no clue Tamra wanted a pink hat for goodness sakes! For her to say I knew she wanted a pink hat is not true at all. All I knew was that the stylist called us before the day at the St. Regis and asked us what color hat we wanted. I said I would really like a pink hat, then thought about it and then immediately asked her, "Wait, has anyone else said they wanted a pink hat?" she said, "No, why?" I told her I didn't want it to become a competition to see who gets what hat, because that is not fun. She then said to me, "You are the only one who has requested pink and I would be bringing the pink hats for you." I don't think the footage shows me busting in the room trying to grab all the pink hats either. I was trying on many hats and those were two of the hats I tried on as well and thought would look good with a dress of mine. When I got home and tried on my hats with the outfits it just didn't look right, so I changed my mind! Who the heck cares — I swear these people can make nothing into something! What really makes me wonder what was really going on in this footage is the irony of it all. I mean Tamra has stated her opinion very fiercely all along and now all of sudden she backs down over a pink hat? Come on, don't you think that one was a little contrived after the fact? Meaning I think production, not Tamra, was trying to make it seem like something was there that was not, like asking her to say she wanted a pink hat? If she really wanted a pink hat she would have definitely told me! She was trying on a pink hat in one of the scenes and it was a little lighter than the hot pink hats I picked, but it was pink - she could have taken that hat! Anyways, she could have gone out and bought another pink hat, it's not like I had the patent on all pink hats and that was the only place you could buy hats. And seriously why the hell am I talking about this anyways, this is nuts - we are talking about a hat! So silly.

So the hat is out of the bag, (ba da bump) I am a FLIRT! Darn, I was hoping you guys wouldn't figure that one out. Hehe - obviously I am kidding. I openly admit to everyone in the first few episodes that I am a flirt and that Jeff knew what he was signing up for when he meet me. He and I would constantly tease each other about who was the better flirt. It was fun for us, because we are sociable people who are secure about our relationship and ourselves. In the footage I hop over the wall because I kept seeing these two sweet girls in the bathroom and they said, "Come over to our side we are having mimosas and you would have more fun with us than with them" (meaning the other women.) I guess they could see the tension. So finally after two invitations I decided to take up their offer. They were nice and fun and I wanted to be with a fun group, not the group that was just sitting around talking crap. I think Lynne, Frank and Ethan were in the bathroom and I so I jumped over for five minutes! It made me laugh when Tamra was talking about me being a flirt as if it was the most horrible thing, yet the footage shows me showing off my diamond ring to the guy that was talking to me...about jeans! Yes, jeans! He owned Seven jeans and wanted to send me a pair to wear on the show, so when you see me doing a little shimmy with my rear end it was me joking about the large size he would need to send for my "J-Lo" ass. Ha. I love how T.V. makes it look though -gotta give them credit! I thought it was super nice of him to offer. I am a flirt, but when I am talking to people they always know I am taken.

Tamra mentions that I knew why she was being standoffish. Actually, I really didn't know why and I'll explain why I say that. She and I had talked the morning of the horse races about the phone call the night before she received from an ex-boyfriend of mine who was claiming to still be my boyfriend. Tamra said she understood because she has dealt with a lot of weird circumstances since she had been on the show as well. So I really thought it was not a big deal and we were over it. I guess when I say I am over something I really am, so I assumed she was too after we talked about it. So that is why I say I didn't understand why she was being offish because I thought we cleared the air that morning. In all due credit to Tamra, I don't doubt for one second that it made her question my relationship with Jeff and the sincerity of it, but I have realized that I cannot control what others are going to say. I can only control my reaction to it. I felt very bad that they were woken up and that they were pulled into a situation due to a guy trying to hurt me personally. The guy has spoke with them (Simon and Tamra) directly, clearing the air and letting them know he was out of line and was lying to them at the time to hurt me. I know it is fun for the audience to think it is some big thing between Tamra and I, but unfortunately for the viewing audience there is no longer an issue between us. I am pretty sure Tamra feels the same way based on our recent discussions.

Thank you for your continued support through the ups and downs of my life this summer! It is always a pleasure to meet fans of the show and to have so many nice e-mails come my way. Can't wait to see the drama that unfolds next episode! Yikes!

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