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Painting in Heels

Gretchen gushes about her birthday surprise from Slade.

By Gretchen Rossi

Hi guys,

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I was a little surprised at first that Slade took me to an art studio for what he was saying was my birthday surprise, but what a lot of you don't know is that it was actually Slade’s birthday that day! His birthday is October 29th and mine is October 30th! We are a day apart and both Scorpios! That is part of the reason we get each other so well. After getting past the initial confusion I soon realized that this was Slade's way of saying I want to share with you a special part of me and the inspiration behind his painting lately. I found it quite enduring, very creative, and sweet, especially because he did not have money to be spending on elaborate gifts or five star restaurants at the time. Slade is a very humble man, and he is not going to pretend he is someone he is not. I feel in love with Slade not because of how much money he did or didn't have, but because of this exact thing, his ability to make anything fun and wonderful. For goodness sakes now you guys know that literally Slade and I could watch paint dry and have a great time together!

Slade is my partner in all areas of my life. He helps me and supports me with everything I have going on, however sometimes he loses site of what his needs are because he always wants to be there for me. Since I think he truly has a hidden talent, I had been bugging him for a while to get serious about painting. Not only could he make money selling his paintings and help him get back to a better place financially, but he would be doing something for himself. By him taking me to Daniel's art studio, I believe it was his way of letting me know he was taking me seriously and wanting to share with me a little bit more about what goes into a painting. I loved that he wanted to share this with me and finally do something for himself! Check out some of his work here

Bringing me the painter outfit so I could paint on a canvas with him was too funny! I like that he found a way to get me involved and do it together. This is an important aspect of any relationship, you have to be willing to want to learn about what makes your partner tic. It can't always be about one person or the other. As you could tell I looked hot in my painters outfit. NOT! However I must say my high heels really brought the whole painter look together very well!

The painting he surprised me with just goes to show how much he is still thinking of me even in his moment. That is when you know you have an amazing partner. He obviously knew he couldn't buy me something for my birthday, so instead he got creative and had an amazing artist like Daniel Maltzman paint a picture of me. That photo is one of Slade's favorite pictures of me, and I was beyond flattered when I saw the painting!

I love the scene where he brings the painting into the house and I am like umm where does one put such a huge painting of themselves? Of course my sweet Slade found a perfectly funny spot and hung it on the wall in the toilet room! Goes to show what he thinks about me. Like Slade said, while sitting on his throne he wants to be able to look at his queen.

I was glad to see Vicki reach out to Alexis, since they have had their issues in the past. I am glad they could talk out their feelings and work through it. I hope that gesture was sincere and lasts between them. As Alexis stated, she and I will not ask the other or expect the other to engage in our own personal issues with someone. Alexis and I will fight our own battles and create our own opinions, that is just who we are. That is maybe the main difference between our friendship and some of the other woman on the show.

The fashion show looked like a success, and I think Peggy did great for her first time back on the gig! Since getting involved in the hosting world, I have had the opportunity to host a lot of great events, and totally get it when Peggy said she loves it, I do too! Good for her getting back into it! I actually understand being nervous walking in a fashion show. I did my very first one this past December for the designer I was honored to be the face of, Azadeh Couture. I was so freaked out and to top it off I had to walk in a very heavy but gorgeous long gown! Check out how long this runway was! 



It was great to see Jeana and is it just me or did she look amazing! I have always thought Jeana was so beautiful and to see her lose some of that extra weight she has been wanting to lose made me so happy for her. The mean things that were said about her made me sad, because I know it is far from the truth, she is one of the nicest people I know. I just talked to her the other day and she is doing really well. I miss her.

All I have to say is wow regarding the scene with Fernanda! Drama! An affair possibly took place? If Fernanda's partner didn't know, I wonder if Simon ever knew?

I love the scene of Vicki and Briana, so freaking funny! Vicki is just like my mom when it comes to being over protective! I am 33 and my mom still makes me call to check in. I think it is great, and it shows what a great mom Vicki is and how much she loves her daughter! Briana is such a great kid, and Vicki should be proud of the way she raised her. I don't doubt that one day I will be that exact same way with my kids as well.

Watching the scene with Alexis was interesting. I must say I have never seen this side of Alexis! She was so assertive and not having it with the designer's dress! I did feel a little bad for the designer though, because I saw how disappointed she was when she cut her dress. On the another hand I completely get where Alexis was coming from. While designing and developing my Gretchen Christine Collection, I had to make so many different decisions regarding the materials I wanted, the embellishments, the different pockets and zipper pulls, the logo design, the color and silhouettes of each bag etc, and ultimately I knew what I wanted. If the sample I received from the manufacturer was not what I originally envisioned or was off in some way, then it needed to be corrected until it was what I envisioned to make it perfect. I am proud to say we are almost completely sold out of my handbags, but check them out here if you haven’t seen them yet! Oh and I am also super excited to announce they are now available at the Victor Paul Salon in Costa Mesa as well (!

I've been booked to travel for the next four weekends doing a "tour de USA" to make appearances at five different locations! I start in Addison, Texas then go to Jacksonville, Florida then Columbus, Ohio then Milwaukee, and then North Carolina! Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@gretchenrossi) or join my page to find out where exactly I will be and what dates. If you live in one of those locations I look forward to meeting you!

Till next week,

xoxo Gretchen Christine

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