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Go Inside All the Homes RHOC's Tamra Judge Has Lived in Since 2007

Since joining the cast of RHOC in Season 3, Tamra has moved many times. 

By Talia Ergas
Tamra Judge Shows Off Her New Kitchen

As a realtor, Tamra Judge sees a lot of fabulous homes—and she's lived in quite a few as well. Since we've known The Real Housewives of Orange County cast member (she appeared on the show from Season 3 through Season 14 and is returning for Season 17), she's lived in a whopping six different homes.

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When Tamra first appeared on RHOC Season 3, she was living with her then-husband. After they split, she moved into her own apartment. Later, after becoming engaged to Eddie Judge, she moved into Eddie's home for a few years until the couple purchased their first house together in 2017. 

Though Tamra and Eddie were initially excited about their new Ladera Ranch pad, unforeseen events quickly gave them a bad feeling about the space and they sold it in less than a year. They subsequently bought and moved into a Coto de Caza manse in 2018 shortly thereafter got an unexpected offer on the home (which wasn't on the market) and it was too good of a deal to pass up. So, the couple moved back into the house Eddie owned before their engagement (which they had been renting out) and started doing a full renovation. 

It didn't stop there: An unfortunate 2021 flood displaced Tamra and Eddie yet again. Now, they're thankfully back in their home but continuing their long-running renovations. 

Confused yet? Don't worry, we'll break it all down. Here's everything you need to know about Tamra's various Orange County houses, including video tours and photos of each impressive property.

Tamra's Season 3 Covenant Hills House with Her Now-Ex

Tamra Judge season 3 house.

When we met Tamra on Season 3 of RHOC, she lived in Covenant Hills house in Ladera Ranch with her then-husband and their children. At the time, she was working a realtor. In the Season 5 finale, it was revealed that the couple short-sold their house and moved out separately. Her ex later filed for divorce. 

Tamra's Season 5 "Tiny Little" Apartment Post-Divorce

Tamra Judge season 5 apartment.

In Part 1 of the Season 5 reunion, Tamra shared that she moved into her own apartment. She explained that, initially, the arrangement was for a “trial separation,” but the situation became permanent when her ex filed for divorce. “It’s a tiny little apartment but it makes me happy,” she said in the episode. 

The following season, Tamra was still living in her apartment, but she wasn't thrilled about the lack of space. At the time, she had already started dating Eddie, who agreed to host a party for Tamra at his Ladera Ranch house. “My boyfriend, Eddie, was nice enough to offer his house [for my party] because my apartment is just way too small,” she explained in the Season 6 premiere.

Tamra Moved into Eddie's Covenant Hills House in Season 8

Tamra and Eddie's Crib

After getting engaged, Tamra and Eddie decided to live together in his house in Ladera Ranch's Covenant Hills neighborhood. In the Season 8 premiere, Tamra had mixed feelings about the new arrangement. "I moved into his house with the kids and everything is going… great," she said with an eye roll, adding that cohabitating with her fiancé has been an "adjustment." 

At the time, Tamra and Eddie were still moving, with boxes left to unload. “I’m trying to clean it up slowly but surely but it’s a never-ending process,” she told Eddie in the episode. Later, she added: “The whole house is just so manly and dark. It’s like a cave. All the wood’s dark. The walls are dark... Eddie is a horrible decorator. He basically moved into the house and put a couch down and he thinks it’s fine. I think it sucks."

Still, she had plans to turn things around: “I’m in charge of this house now.”

Tamra gave a tour of the house, which you can watch in the video above, and revealed that there had been some changes to the aesthetics. "When I first moved in here with Eddie, this place was a man cave," she says in the clip. "Everything was dark, everything was chocolate and it had no furniture, basically. I've really changed it up." Her tweaks included adding bright white custom-made cabinetry to the living room and white woodwork to the kitchen.

Tamra and Eddie Bought a New House in Ladera Ranch in 2017

Take a Tour of Tamra Judge's House

Eventually, Tamra and Eddie decided to start fresh in a place they picked out together. The Season 13 premiere documented the move into the Ladera Ranch manse they purchased for $1.585 million. “I love the house we were in, but it’s Eddie’s house. Eddie lived there with his ex, and I just kind of wanted a house that we had together,” Tamra explained in the episode.

In a December 2017 Instagram post, Tamra revealed "We got the keys tonight ... Can’t wait to make new memories with this crew."

Though the couple was excited about their new space, it was a very difficult time for reasons other than the move. The house was still under construction and, two days after they moved in, Eddie was scheduled to undergo heart surgery. 

“I wanted to move into the house before it was done because Eddie’s having surgery. So, we’re moving in under construction. It’s just so crazy, but it’ll be fine because we can move in, Eddie can go to bed, and he can recover for a few weeks,” Tamra explained in an interview. “The house is not done. I have no sink. The kitchen is like still under construction and it won’t be done for another 28 days,” she told cast mate Shannon Storms Beador over the phone. “It’s going to look really good... It’s 4,000 square feet. It’s a little bit bigger than the house we just moved out of and just a nice house.”

Of course, Tamra was right: The finished product was quite impressive, and Tamra thankfully gave the full tour. In the video above, she shows off the "totally remodeled" main floor with lots of "really beautiful" archways, an "amazing" kitchen with a massive center island with a buffet "inspired by [then-castmate] Meghan [King]," an airy primary suite with a big balcony and (of course) an impressive pool and spa in the backyard. 

Eddied and Tamra Put That House Up for Sale in 2018

Despite all its great features, Tamra and Eddie never quite felt right in their new house.

"Since we moved in, it's just been one thing after another," Tamra told in 2018. "We moved in under construction, which was stressful. Then, our dog got cancer. Then, our guinea pig died. Then, I broke my foot the same day the guinea pig died." Eddie also underwent the first of many heart procedures as soon as they moved into the home.

In fact, Eddie was never really sold on the spot to begin with. 

"When we bought the house Eddie goes, 'I don't have a good feeling about this house.' He told me that," she recalled. "And I'm like 'Really?' He's like, 'I don't have a good feeling.' And he's like, 'If you want it.'"

"It's just been one thing after another," she added. "I don't think the house likes us."

And with that, they put the house on the market for $1.799 million in September 2018, according to The Orange County Register. It sold a week later for $1.75 million, according to the Los Angeles Times

Tamra and Eddie Bought a Coto de Caza House in November 2018

Go Inside Tamra Judge's New Coto de Caza Home

Tamra and Eddie were ready for a fresh start in a luxe 4,600-square-foot six-bedroom home in Coto de Caza—the same area then-cast member Vicki Gunvalson called home. The house had been on the market for $2.095 million, but public records revealed that Tamra and Eddie sealed the deal for $1.78 million. Three months after after moving in, Tamra gave a full tour of the new "Judge residence," which you can watch in the video above. 

As seen in the tour, Tamra's "newest house" was even more impressive than the last. "It's pretty well put together," Tamra says during the tour. "Not completely finished, but it's getting there." Among the highlights: a two-story entryway, dark wood floors against white moldings and high ceilings, a formal dining room with big windows, a "pretty" and "peaceful" living room, and another stunning backyard and pool which sat behind a wilderness park. 

Tamra and Eddie Sold the Coto de Caza Home 2 Years Later

Just when things were starting to feel right, Tamra and Eddie got some surprising news that changed everything. "My good friend [and real estate agent] Shelley Black…she said, ‘Hey, I have somebody who wants to buy your house,’” Tamra explained on an episode of Jeff Lewis' podcast at the time. “Our house wasn’t even on the market!"

“My first thought was ‘maybe.’ I just lost a big contract,” she later told In Touch. “After talking to our financial advisor, we decided to decline the offer ... A few days later they came back to us with a [better] offer ... Again, we contacted our financial advisor and he said, ‘SELL IT!’"

Tamra further shared that "the real deciding factor" came two hours later, when they got notice from their tenants at their first Covenant Hills home—which Tamra and Eddie had kept as a rental property—that they were moving. "I knew then God was giving me a sign and we needed to trust him,” she told the publication. 

The Judges Moved Back into the Season 8 Home

Tamra Judge Rhoc Home Renovations 02

Then, moved back into Covenant Hills house—yes, the same one Tamra and Eddie first lived in together shortly after getting engaged—that they had previously been using as a rental property.

Of course, Tamra was going to update the space with her personal touch. In March 2020, she shared a peek on Instagram at some of the changes she was making to their "new-old" house, including updating the kitchen to make it bright and white, a whole new closet and shower," and new flooring. 

Still, it wasn't without hiccups (to say the least). In the summer of 2021, Tamra and Eddie dealt with unfortunate flooding which caused them to temporarily move back out of the house. "We had a slab leak under our staircase," Tamra explained on Instagram at the time, while showing photos of the current state of the house. The couple moved into a temporary rental while the damage was fixed. 

Tamra Judge Living Situation 1

By July 2022, when Tamra shared an update on her "pain in the ass" renovation with, she was back in the house. “At the end of the day, everything turned out beautiful," she said. And yet, there was more to be done! Renovation phase two was ready to begin. “We’re gonna start renovating the backyard, put a pool in, pool house, all that fun stuff,” Tamra shared. “That’s my passion. Something I always thought I would do is be an interior decorator.”

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