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17 Questions We Have From The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 Trailer

Because a whole lotta crazy went down in that trailer...Plus all the GIFs you're dying for. 

By Rachael Roberts
On Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Potomac...

If you're like us, you spilled your glass of rosé everywhere reeling from the upcoming of The Real Housewives of Potomac season 2 trailer. As the trailer played, the shocks just kept coming from Karen Huger leaving Potomac, to new 'Wife Monique Samuels, to Charrisse Jackson Jordan saying Eddie was in a relationship?! With so much to unpack, we've compiled a list of questions we have about the upcoming season - and oh, how we hope we get answers!

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1. Why is everyone dancing and why don’t they do it more?

Just look at how glorious Charrisse Jackson Jordan is here! More dancing we say! More dancing!

2. Is Karen leaving Potomac?! Or is she here to stay?

According to Gizelle, the word on the streets of Potomac is that Karen is moving?! But according to Karen, she's here to stay? We have a feeling no matter where she lives, she's still "The Grand Dame, Bitches..."

3. Does Gizelle find her man with cash flow and a not so little something? 

We're just saying - Gizelle Bryant's our kinda girl. Will she find this man this season?

4. Who is Monique Samuels?

New Housewife alert! There's a new 'Wife in town - and it doesn't seem like everyone is happy. (We're looking at you Gizelle). 

5. And what is Monique the boss of?

Find out everything you need to know about NFL wife here, including her weekly trips to the spa and her many businesses. 

6. Wait, How many homes does Monique have?!

Apparently, Monique Samuels is the boss of FOUR HOMES. That would be FOUR. Count 'em! And it looks like this 'Wife might be looking into a new one? Get it, girl! 

7. Why Are Gizelle and Monique fighting?

From the trailer, to say that Monique and Gizelle have not started off on the right foot is an understatement. We're just saying, "Without your husband and his bank account, you wouldn't be here" isn't exactly a warm welcome from Gizelle. And Monique's shade back is equally as chilly: "At least I'm still married to mine!" Between that exchange and Monique telling Gizelle not to treat her like a child - we can't wait to see these two go toe to toe. Can these divas be friends? Only time - and the new season - will tell. 

8. Is Ashley right about that Juan dating rumor?

We left Robyn Dixon at the reunion very unsure about their status with Juan - could this rumor be true? Are Robyn and Juan still living together? Are they together? What is their Facebook relationship status? The questions are endless. 

9. Is Robyn okay?! 

Seeing Robyn break down breaks our heart! Why is Robyn crying? Is it about Juan? Is it about her home? What isn't okay, Robyn?! 

10. Why are Ashley and Michael fighting?

"I don't need you to be a dad on Growing Pains." Ouch! Is it just OZ getting between these two love birds...or is there more? Will Michael actually attack a camera? Will they get a divorce like Ashley Darby threatens?

11. What IS putting fingers in someone’s face? 

Ah, a classic Housewives conundrum. How close is too close when arguing? We've seen many a Housewives scuffle end in disaster over just this issue. We'd say the above is definitely putting fingers in someone's face. Before that, we'll let you be the judge...

12. What does Charrisse mean that Eddie ‘was in a relationship?’

With who? What kind of relationship? Is he still living in New Jersey? So. Many. Questions. 

13. What does that wine-sipping lady mean by 'meeting' Eddie before?

And then you have Monique's friend catching herself saying she knows Eddie! That reaction and wine sip are very fishy if you ask us. Who is this woman? When did she meet Eddie? What does she mean by meet? 

14. Is Charrisse divorced?!

Charrisse Jackson Jordan's Huge Marriage Bomb

Pay close attention when you watch the trailer - There are scenes with a ring and without. We can't tell, but we are dying to find out. The last time we heard from Charrisse was at the Reunion above - where she dropped the bomb that Eddie has not spoken to her since the start of the show. Are these two still together, or have they parted ways? 

15. What isn’t Karen owning up to?

Karen not owning up to her "sh--" as Charrisse would say was enough to tell her to go jump off a yacht. So what IS it that she's not owning up to? Is it about her leaving Potomac? Or is there something more? What would she need to apologize to Charrisse for? Curiouser and curiouser. 

16. If not her own, whose house is Karen’s party in?

Charrisse is heard saying "For Karen to rent a house in the middle of the night, just doesn't make sense." Why was it in the middle of the night? Why is she renting a house? Is it, like Michael says, "a front for something?" What, if anything, is Karen hiding???

Onto, the most important question of the day...


What is actually happening at this party?!!!

One thing's for sure, this season is gonna be good.  

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