Karen Huger: What Grown Women Do

Karen Huger: What Grown Women Do

Karen Huger explains why she reached out to squash her beef with Gizelle Bryant, and what she thinks of youngest 'Wife Ashley Darby!

Bravotv.com: Why did you reach out to Gizelle to have tea after your lunch? Did you feel your beef was really squashed by the end? 

Karen Huger: Gizelle  made an attempt to apologize, but the stage was all wrong. Everyone was caught up in their feelings and things went terribly wrong from there. I invited her tea to let her know that I appreciated her attempt to apologize. I wanted to apologize also and move on. That's what GROWN women do...beef squashed!

Bravotv.com: What was your first impression of Ashley in the store – do you think she took your advice considering her venue choice? 

KH: My first impression of Ashley...this girl is really young and spirited...I like her! I think Ashley completely did HER when she selected the venue to host all of the ladies at HER whiskey tasting.

Bravotv.com: What did you think of Gizelle bringing up her drama with Charrisse at the whiskey tasting? 

KH: I was a surprised that she'd bring that up in front of the entire group. I thought it would have been better to do a one on one . Lucky for her it worked out and they buried the hatchet at least for NOW!

Karen Huger



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