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Michael Darby Speaks Out on That Butt Grab

Michael Darby tells us what exactly happened on the dance floor - and the real reason he tried to jump ship from Karen's cruise. 

By Michael Darby
Ashley's Husband Grabs Katie's Boyfriend's Butt Can you tell us what exactly happened on the dance floor?

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Michael Darby: Andrew and I have become friends since the start of the show.  We have mutual interests and have found that we have friends in common.  We had enjoyed a fun night at Charrisse Jackson Jordan’s birthday party and were letting loose on the dance floor when I playfully touched Andrew’s butt. He responded as expected with a laugh and we continued to dance with our lovely ladies. What do you think about the debate that sparked about this moment on the dance floor? 

MD: I was surprised when two people (Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon) who had nothing to do with the incident decided to become involved and try to ruin my wife’s fun night by tattling (in Australia we call it dobbing) on me. I’m sure they were disappointed when Ashley Darby told them she didn’t think it was an "inappropriate white person’s thing" and that I was just having fun. Speaking of fun we partied into the wee hours with Charrisse and her incredible friends and family while the dobbers went home and slept. 

Karen Huger Makes a Note to Motherf—in' Self This isn’t the first time you’ve been the center of the Potomac drama, can you tell us about the boat moment and Bethany Beach clash? 

MD: I’m used to being the center of attention in the real estate world, but I didn’t think I would cause this much trouble with the lovely ladies of Potomac. I guess my idea of enjoying a late afternoon boat trip (it wasn’t no yacht) in Annapolis on a hot summer’s day is different from several of the these ladies. If you put an Australian on a boat and give him the choice of swimming in the refreshing waters of the Severn River or listening to boring conversations about Potomac etiquette he would always choose the water over women drinking wine or should I say whiney women.

The now infamous beach house clash! When I think of the beach I think about relaxing, swimming, surfing, wearing as few clothes as possible, having fun, and opening up my beach home to friends and family. I considered these women friends and was initially happy to have them in our home. I went to the beach early to surprise my gorgeous wife who I hadn’t seen for three days. This was the longest period of time we had been away from each other since we were married and I knew she was working hard to host these women. I wanted to bring the Darby team together and help her host the festivities of the last night of their trip. I was shocked by the extreme and illogical reactions of Karen Huger and Gizelle but I wasn’t going to let it ruin our fun. While they went to bed and bolted their doors Ash Bash and the women who were not frightened by what I might do to them played beer pong, danced, and laughed until 4 AM. Darbys and Fun – 1 Karen and Gizelle - 0. 

The Black Bill Gates vs. Crocodile Dundee What is it like to be the center of all the drama with these ladies? 

MD: To tell you the truth I love it! Ashley and I are a slightly unusual couple so we are used to people judging us. What judgmental people don’t get to see is two people that really love each other, and lead an incredibly exciting and interesting life. We are doing so many challenging and fun things that we cannot, and do not want to, stop to see if we are making everyone comfortable and happy. We do us and most of the time people love being part of that, those that don’t usually don’t know how to have fun.

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