Gizelle Bryant: The Only Thing Gizelle Is and Will Be Is GIZELLE

Gizelle Bryant: The Only Thing Gizelle Is and Will Be Is GIZELLE

Gizelle spills some tea about Monique Samuels and Ashley Darby's comments, and give her insight on her meeting with Robyn Dixon. What do you think about Monique's assessment of you - and saying she's cuter than you?

Gizelle BryantI'm glad Monique feels very highly of herself. Clearly she's better. When you have a mother in law that calls you a HEIFER...I mean, grab your weave and make sure it's glued down tight. That's a MESS. I kinda wanted to give Monique a hug, talk about sad emoji face. However, the beauty of a beautiful woman is knowing that she doesn't need to compare herself to ANYONE. How were you feeling going into this meeting with Robyn? Do you feel your issues were squashed?

GB: I was eager to talk to Robyn and find out when and why we started airing our dirty laundry to the Grand Dame. I value Robyn's opinion and I trust her judgment, that's what friendship is all about. Karen is never the go-to-girl to talk about anything outside of Karen. So, Robyn, in the future never forget Karen is only loyal to the two things... Tiffany and Fee Fee, her boobs. What do you think about Ashley saying you want to be Monique and saying you and the other ladies are “miserable and single"? 

GB: Ashley knows that the only thing Gizelle is and will be is GIZELLE. However, I love the judgment. It always lets me know that know that I'm eating my Wheaties and looking good. I really don't care about anyone else's marital status or level of happy. I can only speak for mine. Single is what I am. Mingle is what I do. Now, let these married ladies be single for a week and see if they don't strip down naked and run through the golf courses of Potomac screaming, "Pop the champagne, I'm FREE." Have you kept in touch with Don?

GB: It was fun meeting Don and allowing him to help us place bets. However, I have not kept up with him or his millions. Were you expecting Charrisse to say you two were good? 

GB: I didn't know whether Charrisse was going to hug me, cuss me, or let me get trampled by the racing horses. However, it was great to be reminded of how much fun we can have with hats, pretty dresses, and champagne. I think that my relationship with Charrisse will always be a work in progress but I do believe we are #StrongerTogether. 

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