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Karen: I Was Honored to Do My Part in Shattering the Silence of Sexual Abuse

Karen Huger discusses opening up about her sexual assault and what she thinks of that "ambush" at OZ.  

Karen Huger Opens Up About Her Sexual Assault What do you think aboutGizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon’s confrontation with Ashley Darby in OZ?

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Karen Huger: I get it, Robyn is very upset with Ashley for questioning she and Juan’s relationship at the cookout. I also think it’s appropriate for Robyn to speak with Ashley directly and let her know she wants her to stop meddling. However, ambushing Ashely at her place of business in front of her customers is DEAD WRONG! Furthermore, could someone tell me why Miss Gizelle is riding gunshot in this ambush? Once again, “Miss Word On The Street” is traveling down a street she has no business on. Gizelle should have stayed in her truck! Why did you tell Gizelle thatMonique Samuels  called her a trick?

KHIt was my duty as Gizelle’s friend to let her know that her reputation was being besmirched by Monique who really doesn’t know her. Then again, who’s fault is that Miss Gizelle? I wish they both would stop the arguing, sit down and talk to one another. I think they would discover that they have more in common than they realize. Oh, by the way, calling someone a “trick” in Potomac is unheard of. Monique clearly was over Gizelle at that point. What were you thinking going into the Pave event that night?

KH: On the night of the Pave event, I was thinking of a million and one things. I was grateful to have the opportunity to share my story publicly. I was honored to do my part in shattering the silence of sexual abuse. Most importantly, I was hopeful that by sharing my story on the Pave platform we might save a save someone’s life. What was it like sharing your story with the other ladies at the Pave event?

KH: Pave is an organization very dear to me. What I admire about all of these ladies is their ability to put aside the pettiness and come together to support one another. It was comforting to have my friends in the audience. I am grateful for their love and support.

No, Monique, Gizelle Does Not Want to Give You Her Number Considering you told Gizelle about the “trick” comment, what do you think of Monique and Gizelle’s interaction that night?

KH: When I told Gizelle about the “trick” comment I honestly thought she would receive it differently. Gizelle is a very strong, intelligent woman and I admire those qualities in her. I thought she would shrug it off and laugh about it later as we have done so many times before. This time was different, Gizelle was hurt and offended. Watching Gizelle’s and Monique’s interaction that night, I can’t help but feel partly responsible. I’ve got to help them put an end to their fighting.

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