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Gizelle Bryant: Karen Is a Funny One

"She asks me to knock down her door and be a friend. I go knocking and the door doesn’t open."

By Gizelle Bryant
Karen Huger Doesn't Want Gizelle Bryant on Her Property We see you say that you miss your friendship with Karen and it’s clear how much you care about her based on your actions of consoling her at last season’s reunion and baking her cookies. How does it feel to hear Karen say she’s not sure whether or not you were being genuine when you were consoling her at the reunion?

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Gizelle Bryant: Karen is a funny one. She asks me to knock down her door and be a friend. I go knocking and the door doesn’t open. She wants me to show her friendship and when I do she doesn’t want to receive it. Is it me or does this friendship need its own revolving door? What did you think when your daughters told you that maybe you shouldn’t have joked around with Karen?

GB: I absolutely love when my daughters give me advice. They are the best at giving me a different perspective. Maybe I shouldn’t have joked with Karen, but what happened to laughter is the best medicine? Do you have any regrets about teasing Karen last season?

GB: I have zero regrets about joking with Karen because I was trying to help her. The jokes were going to give her the ability to easily discuss the inconsistencies in her stories. So now I know, when I read about her life in the creditable Washington Post, I will not give that info to Chris Rock for him to use in his next routine. Got it! How did it feel to have Karen initially say she wasn’t going to come to the door when you were dropping off the cookies?

GB: Karen not opening the door was RIDICULOUS, she knows that no one is visiting her in Great Falls. She should have been happy to get a visitor bearing gifts. But of course she opened the door and took my cookies. I mean who can resist seeing my face and my pretty green eyes :-).

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