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Jewel: Nothing's Open But Legs

Jewel explains why she wanted Cyrene to come home early and how she sets her family up for success.

By Jewel Tankard What do you want people to know about your family as they start watching the show?
Jewel: I want them to know that there is no perfect family or person. But God loves us right where we are. We all have to learn to love each other right where we are -- give each other space to grow and understand that we need each other. Our strengths and weaknesses are what makes us who we are. Fight for your family again (whether it is biological or blended) -- it's worth it.

We don't take ourselves too seriously. It's hard to get embarrassed when you understand you are working it out just like everybody else. Enjoy one another and have fun. We are not afraid to laugh at each other or laugh at ourselves.

[video_clip_url:] What did you think of Cyrene's would-be-suitor Josh?
Jewel: Josh is a handsome, nice, and respectful young man in front of me. I always ask lots of questions and I always ask some challenging questions! If the parents don't ask, who will? I think it's very important for parents to be parents. I want my children to be selective and use discernment. Just because somebody wants to take them out doesn't mean they should. I always encourage all my children to look at the core values of those with whom they are considering being in a relationship. (LOL!) Can you tell us a little more about your morning routines/affirmations?
Jewel: Every morning I pray, read my Bible, and do my confessions. I declare what I want over myself, my family, my church family, nation and Israel every day! It sets the course for the rest of the day. I don't believe in waiting to see what happens. But I command my day to line up with the desires of my heart. What did you think of Brooklyn’s decision to run the marathon?
Jewel: I think it's really great that Brooklyn decided to run a marathon. I love when our children do things outside the box, pushing themselves beyond the norm. Brook wasn't really prepared, but she’s working on her organization skills for sure.

[video_clip_url:] Brooklyn and Benji are both very forthcoming about their former mistakes, is that something you taught them?
Jewel: Yes, I'm super proud of them admitting to their past mistakes! I think it's excellent to share. For one, it keeps you accountable to not repeat stupidity, and it usually blesses somebody else to know that they aren't alone. And [it lets people know] that there are better days ahead. What do you remember about your prom?
Jewel: I do have some prom pictures and a yearbook. And yes, I think 3:30 am was way too late of a curfew. Around that time there's usually nothing open but legs. As a mom, I think sooner is better than later. Of course, anybody can have sex anytime, but it's something about the midnight hour.


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