Brooklyn Tankard

Brooklyn Tankard, better known as “Queen Brooklyn,” is a mother, entrepreneur, social advocate and the eldest daughter of the Tankard clan. As she takes her stake in the lucrative beauty industry, Brooklyn's hair extension product line, Queen Brooklyn’s Virgin Hair, continues to thrive, more than ever. Furthermore, Brooklyn has stamped her mark in the cosmetic industry by producing innovative hair and beauty events.  Having overcome a number of personal obstacles through a dark period in her life, Brooklyn shares her faith and powerful testimony with others about her journey, illustrating that regardless of how dark your past has been, it does not dictate how bright your future can be. Brooklyn is set to release her debut novel in 2015 which will highlight her personal story and work to inspire others. A true community advocate, she provides scholarships to people living with cancer, hosts and supports charity functions and enjoys empowering women to embrace their true self-worth. Brooklyn is a devoted and loving mother to her ten-year-old daughter, Diamond, a blossoming fashionista who adores fashion design, dancing and modeling. Diamond loves being the center of attention and wants to be an entertainer when she grows up. This season Brooklyn has two goals: taking her hair business to the next level and getting a home of her own. 

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