Padma Lakshmi's Favorite Cleanse? It's "Cranberry Drano"

Padma Lakshmi's Favorite Cleanse? It's "Cranberry Drano"

And we want that recipe.

By The Feast Staff

You don't get to be totally gorgeous and eat all the incredibly indulgent foods spread out before you week after week—without having to suffer at least a little bit of pain. Just to be fair to the rest of humanity. In Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi's case, the pain sounds...painful. At least to us.

As Padma—whose memoir Love, Loss and What We Ate is out nowdescribed her diet this week to the New York Post, it involves drinking "Cranberry Drano," and undergoing other food-related disciplinary measures we'd be way too wimpy to handle ourselves.

For one thing, she goes on a 12-week detox to lose 15 pounds after she's done shooting a season of Top Chef. That means no red meat, or wheat, fried foods, sugar, alcohol or most dairy products. It also means drinking a nasty-sounding (but apparently effective!) concoction she makes with "a combination of Lakewood brand 100 percent cranberry juice, Tazo green tea, a sachet of Emergen-C (which contains vitamins and electrolytes) and a fiber powder such as Metamucil," Padma says. She downs a glass of this stuff three or four times a day while filming the show, and once a day otherwise.

We're definitely listening up. Because...look at Padma's insanely fit bod. And ever see what she eats on a typical episode of Top Chef?

To find out more about how Padma stays fit, and to get that "Cranberry Drano" recipe, read on.

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