Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson is quite particular about his fried chicken.

on Jan 23, 2013

To recap last week’s ejection: Lots has been said on the intertubes about this one, and I feel your pain. I understand the sadness. At the end of the day, I think Kristen was the leader who took the fall, grasped the responsibility, and left with her head held high. And she beat CJ in Last Chance Kitchen, so I don’t think it’s the last time we’ll be seeing her. As for Josie, ah well, she’s Josie, and she ran into the lucky puddle. Sheldon, he was the real winner in all of this, and I really do think it was deserved. He’s a real Menehune. 

Wake-up time in the Olive 8. Stefan misses his wifey. Josie feels heavy this morning. She gained some emotional weight and needs to shed them tears. Lizzie acts as the therapist that doesn’t really want to be there. 

Sushi master time. Master Katsuya Uechi is in the house for the Quickfire Challenge. Simple is best in the land of sushi. Stefan still has not won anything, but he has put forward raw fish in about three challenges. Josie has found the smallest halibut the ocean ever offered, and I am hoping it’s west coast halibut as the east coast ones just are not sustainable. I love sushi, but it really does need to come to the table with sustainability in mind or the state of the oceans will be more dire than ever. Josh, a big believer in sustaining his high cholesterol through bacon intake, can’t find a way around not having bacon, even in sushi. Sheldon is burning lemons and explaining why. Hipster burnt food, check. 

Josie really, really wants you to know about her parties where she serves food on naked women. She’s like the present that keeps on giving. There is nothing that can compare with eating seaweed salad out of a belly button. Yup, there I’ve gone and made myself shiver with disgust again. Must stop doing that. 

The five-minute bell rings and they begin plating. Stefan is first to act and he has presented yellowtail with grilled shiitake and a lobster with seaweed and unagi. Katsuya, a man of few words and not the most emotive soul on the planet, says it tastes good. Josie has made Helluva Halibut with Blistering Bacon and Jammin’ Yuzu. Trademark has been applied for. Chef K wants a little more punch, which is his way of saying it was really lacking. Lizzie puts up a lobster thing with a broth and pickled ginger. Chef misses rice in this one. We are not told what the tempura fried thing is off to the right on her plate, but it’s evidently of no consequence. Brooke loves sushi. She has made octopus with yuzuand grated wasabi. Simple.