Last Chance Kitchen Recipes: Episode Two

Learn how to make the delicious dishes you saw on Last Chance Kitchen!

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Eliminated chef Frances has one more shot at staying in the #TopChef competition, but first she has to beat out returning Last Chance Kitchen champ, Garret. It's anyone's game...

Check out their delicious recipes below and watch Last Chance Kitchen to see who is moving on to next week.

1. Frances' Broccoli Three Ways

Maggi seasoning

1.    Broccoli puree. Boil broccoli stems, dried chili with onion salt. Blend it in Vitamix with cream and Maggi seasoning until smooth.
2.    In another pan, pan grill the broccoli with the bacon till the fat is rendered and broccoli got charred in it.
3.    Quick pickle the stem in a Cryovac bag, vacuum seal it with yuzu, olive oil, salt and pepper. It’s a quick pickling method.

Broccoli puree, charred broccoli, and pickled broccoli stem.

2. Garret's Beets Three Ways


1 beet, plus greens
2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp rice vinegar
1 tsp sugar
2 tsp salt
1 tsp ponzo
1/4cu hidden valley ranch
1/4cu crème fraiche
1 tsp ea chopped tasragon, parsley & chives
½ tsp dry garlic powder

Step 1: Peel beet in long strips, fry at 275 degrees for 18 minutes. Season with salt.
Step 2: Grill beet, after cut into bite size pieces. Brush with melted butter, season with salt and pepper.
Step 3: Heat vinegar sugar and salt to a simmer, pour over reserved stalks from beet greens.
Step 4: Chiffonade greens, mix creme fraiche, ponzu, ranch, garlic & herbs, use a tsp of pickle brine to thin the ranch.

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