10-Year-Old Aspiring Writer Interviewed Her Diva Cat

10-Year-Old Aspiring Writer Interviewed Her Diva Cat

Flustered, the cat quickly ended the interview.

By Brienne Walsh

Oh, the Internet. You bring us such gems. Such as a handwritten interview conducted between Gabi, a 10-year-old aspiring writer based in Dublin, Ireland, and her black cat, Coco.

The interview starts out well enough. “Can I rub you on the head?” Gabi asks Coco. “Absolutely,” the cat responds. Things quickly devolve from there, ending with Coco shouting: “IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU?!?! THIS INTERVIEW IS OVER!!!” In all fairness, Gabi did ask if she could rub Coco’s butt.

Gabi was apparently inspired to do the interview after finding diagrams cat owners had drawn showing where their feline pals liked to be pet. She found them on the Internet, of course. Frustrated she couldn’t draw well enough to make her own, Gabi decided to conduct an imaginary interview with her pet.

Her father, Paul, coming upon the handwritten dialogue, was charmed enough to Tweet it out to his followers. The next thing he knew, they were all Internet stars, and fifteen minutes later, they had fallen back into obscurity. We’re kidding about that last part — we hope Coco stays famous forever. Hell, she has more to say than most of the Kardashians! As for Gabi, we’ll read her book when she becomes a famous author.

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