Meet the Newest Real Shelter Dogs of New York and They’re All Adoptable!

Meet the Newest Real Shelter Dogs of New York and They’re All Adoptable!

We're channeling our inner Dorinda: Super cute? Forget it! Don’t adopt one it? Regret it.

By Stacy Lenz

There are a lot of lessons to be learned from The Real Housewives of New York City: Don't rip lighting fixtures off your friend’s walls, don't bother to clean bird poop off your patio furniture before you paint it and don't let it be about Tom. While these are all valuable lessons, perhaps the biggest thing we've learned is life is a marathon and it's hard to run it alone. (Thank you for your service, Carole.) Like Carole had a team of people meeting her at the finish line of the New York Marathon with signs and ponchos (even though some Housewives were unaccounted for), everyone needs a group of people in their corner, and by people, we mainly mean dogs, which brings us to today’s highly adoptable Real Shelter Dogs.

Today’s sweet dogs come from Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter located Wantagh, New York. They have a variety of dogs and cats just waiting to find their perfect forever home and have one of the highest adoption rates in the nation, however even so, there are still so many animals waiting to be adopted! Maybe by you!

And now meet your Real Shelter Dogs, complete with opening credits-worthy taglines!

“Puppers are gonna pup, but I just love, love, love.” - Luna

Luna loves getting walked and who could blame her? This three-year-old sweetie is crate-trained, housebroken and ready to mingle. Luna loves adult companionship, giving kisses and likes to meet new people. What she isn’t a fan of, however, is watching you clean … brooms and vacuums scare this girl! 

I have a taste for luxury, and luxury has a taste for me.” - Ivo

Ivo is a handsome two-year-old fella who enjoys baths, being brushed, car rides, teeth cleaning and playing with toys. He is looking to become part of another family, where he can spend his days playing. He is happy to be the only dog in the house or could certainly share the attention with a k9 companion. Have kids? He will be happy to have them play fetch outside with him too.  

“If you can’t be cool, you can’t be with the Duchess.” - Duchess

Five-year-old Duchess might be part of the royal family! She is a beautiful German Shepherd mix who knows what she wants! She has requested that if she can’t live across the pond — then a home with 15-year-old kids, no cats and lots of toys is her top choice! She also knows she’s not a fan of other dogs. Which is understandable, she is royalty — she wants the paparazzi all to herself!!

"The most interesting puppers make the best housemates."- Judah

Shhhhh, don’t make any noise … wait for complete silence … this is what every day is like for two-year-old Judah; he is deaf. But while he can’t hear you, he can see you, smell you and is really no different. He is great with other dogs and would pick up all the hand signals another dog knows. With new people, he prefers slow introductions, but then he is ready to become their best friend. Judah could totally enjoy a home with tween-aged kids, they don’t see him as a plush toy; they just want to hang out.

"I snuggle! I nap! I make it Nyce! Nyce

Nyce is the kind of dog everyone imagines owning. This five-year-old is house-broken, loves to play with balls and LOVES to be pet. Belly rubs, back rubs and a good scratch session to his rear end! If he is going to share his forever home with another dog, he wants nothing under 20 pounds and for them to be lazy. Nyce’s forever home would consist of someone home most of the day and … also lazy. Nyce’s ideal day: breakfast, stroll, nap, play/stroll, nap, dinner, stroll, nap. Nyce prefers slow introductions to other humans and then he will be your best friend forever!

"It's great to be gorgeous. But it's even better to be loved."- Roxy Reina

Five-year-old Roxy Reina is the definition of beautiful. She is gorgeous in her gray and white coloring and have you seen that smile? White teeth all the way! Roxy’s forever home would consist of somewhere she doesn’t have to hear many fireworks, she is afraid of the sound! She also wants an adult home, she doesn’t want to babysit and wants to have all the attention on her! (Could you blame her?)  Reina likes her walks long, so she can empty her bladder — she is fully house trained!!  And while she isn’t a fan of other dogs her size, with slow and proper introductions she could go home with a small dog.

To give one of these sweet puppers a forever home, please email or call (516) 785 5220 ex. 4628 or ex. 4638. To learn more about the organization, please visit or follow them on social media on Facebook and Instagram.

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