The Tinder Happy Ending We've All Been Waiting For: Henry Finally Found Love

The Tinder Happy Ending We've All Been Waiting For: Henry Finally Found Love

The hound dog was lonely for three long years.


By Brienne Walsh

Henry the hound dog had been lonely for the three long years he’s lived at Animal Ark Rescue, a no-kill shelter in Columbus, Georgia. So he did what anyone else looking for love does in the modern age. He set up a Tinder account.

With the help of Animal Ark staff member, Miranda Morrison, Henry listed his occupation as Doggo at the Good Boy Corporation, his education at Obedience School, and his hobbies as car rides, swimming, and snuggling on the couch.

It goes without saying that those who matched with him were thrilled. They were treated to messages from the lonely pup such as, "Hello hooooouuuuuman! "I wrote you a poem: Roses are grey, violets are grey, everything is grey...because I'm a dog.” And, “Netflix and Nuzzles?”

Henry, along with being hilarious, is up on all of the dating lingo.

His one flaw, according to Morrison? That he sometimes barks at small children. And do they deserve it, we wonder?

After a month of searching, we’re happy to report – Henry found a dad! His name is Alex, and he heard about Henry’s quest for love on Sirius XM radio. (Henry’s Tinder profile has made him a national celebrity.) Alex was so moved by the hound dog’s story that he drove 11 hours from Virginia to pick him up. It’s true — love knows no state lines. We’re thrilled for Henry, and his new family.

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