Fatou the Gorilla Is Everyone's Inner 1-Year-Old Eating Birthday Cake

Fatou the Gorilla Is Everyone's Inner 1-Year-Old Eating Birthday Cake

...but even a grown lady can indulge on her birthday.

By Brienne Walsh

Who says a lady shouldn’t cheat on her birthday, even if that lady is a gorilla? For 364 days of the year, Fatou, a gorilla who lives at the Berlin Zoo, eats a diet that is low in sugar, and consists primarily of vegetables.

But on her birthday, she indulges. Last week, Fatou turned 61, and to celebrate, she ate a cake in the shape of a flower. It consisted of blueberries, strawberries, ground cherries and grapes, all laid on top of a bed of rice and quark, which is a whipped German cheese. The cake arrived in her habitat on a bed of leaves. On the top, blueberries spelled out the number “61.”

Before we start being judgey about her table manners, let's also remember that it's totally acceptable to now want our own smash cakes as grown adults.

Annnyway, Fatou has plenty of reason to celebrate. She arrived at the Berlin Zoo in 1959, after being used by a sailor to pay a bar tab in Marseilles, France. When she arrived, it was guessed that she was like two years old. Although her exact age is an estimate, she is still one of the oldest animals at the Berlin Zoo, and also one of the oldest gorillas in the world.  The only other gorilla known to be as old as her is another female who resides in the Little Rock Zoo in Arkansas.

Fatou certainly knows how to relish a treat when it was presented to her. First, she licked the fruit off the top of the cake, and then nibbled through the rest. She didn’t mind that her face got a little dirty.

Along with being one of the oldest gorillas in captivity, Fatou is a rarity in the world. It is estimated that there are only 100,000 gorillas still living in the wild in Africa. At 61, Fatou has far outlived her life expectancy. We hope she lives many more. And is anyone else hoping the Beverly Hills 'wives head to Berlin again next year and we get a side-by-side of Erika enjoying cake with this gal pal instead?!?

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