Here Are the Year's Most Popular Dog Names — and There's a Pop Culture Twist

Here Are the Year's Most Popular Dog Names — and There's a Pop Culture Twist

“Here, Barb!” “Good girl, Khaleesi!” (Sounds of the dog park in 2017.)

By Stacy Lenz

Can you guess what the most popular dog name of 2017 is? If you have ever read one of these lists before, we bet you can! It’s Bella! It’s always Bella.

The people of, the nation’s largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers, have compiled their fifth annual report of the year’s most popular dog names and dog naming trends. It’s not all basic Bellas as people have been getting more and more creative with naming their pets after pop culture.

But first, back to Bella. Human-inspired names hold steady at the top of the list of the most popular dog names; 44% of all dog names are common human names. Max and Bella top the charts for pet names and all of the top ten names for female dogs could double as people names, as well as most of the male dog names.

And now for the stuff we really care about, pop culture! 53% of all dog owners picked a pop culture inspired name, be it after a TV show, book, movie or celebrity. Stranger Things and Game of Thrones took the lead for popular TV show names with pooches out there being named Eleven (seen above) and Khaleesi, respectively. People also love Star Wars (who knew?) and the names Finn and Rey took a big increase in popularity this year as well. Wonder Woman also made a big impact on dog names, both with movie inspired names and the rising trend of naming their furbaby after powerful woman. (There are apparently lots of dogs out there named Oprah. You get a squeak toy! You get a squeak toy! EVERYBODY GETS A SQUEAK TOY!) And for people who don’t simply have dogs but instead have doggos and puppers, “Doggo Lingo” names are on the rise with names like Floof and Corgo being popularized.

With so many pop culture names inspired by TV shows and powerful women it makes us wonder, how come no one is naming their dog after a real housewife? Come on, Dorinda or Countess Lu would be great pet names! And while we are talking about The Real Housewives of New York, can someone make sure that Carole Radziwill sees these ideas and the full list of creative pet names? We simply cannot have her naming any more pets Baby!

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