Justin Theroux Reveals the New Love of His Life Since Split with Jen

Justin Theroux Reveals the New Love of His Life Since Split with Jen

We’re Team Puppies for this one.

By Stacy Lenz

The weird air rushing sound you heard on Feb. 15 was not 'thank goodness Valentine's Day is over' sigh but instead the collective gasp of the gossip-loving public inhaling in disbelief when they found out that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux had separated. But we didn’t need to tell you that, you already knew — in the event that you have been living under some sort of gossip-proof rock and are just here to look at puppies, well, let us tell you that Jen was unluckily at love yet again and split with her husband of two years. And now let’s get to the puppies.

Justin had disappeared from social media following the announcement of his split but he reemerged Monday to tell the world about his long time love — puppies. On Instagram, Justin posted a slideshow featuring the dogs of Austin Pets Alive!, starting off with two of the most precious baby pit bulls lovingly gnawing on his face. In his caption, Justin praised the shelter by saying, “I cannot understand how they do what they do, day after day, so consistently and lovingly to save so many dogs and cats. I HIGHLY recommend going in and getting your nose bit by a toothless baby pitbull.” Justin is no ageist and featured several older pits available as well as using the hashtag #seniordogsrule.

This is not Justin’s first time promoting the shelter. Justin became involved with the Austin Pets Alive! after working in Texas on his series The Leftovers and even donated $10,000 dollars after winning a game on The Ellen Show. Posting about the shelter on Instagram after his split is yet another great philanthropic move, knowing that every single tabloid, gossip site and dog blog (hi) would feature it, therefore amplifying the cause to a much larger audience. Justin, you’re doing amazing, sweetie.

Dogs had been a staple of Justin and Jen’s relationship so it only makes sense that his first post since the split would be dog related. Throughout their seven-year romance the couple had a bevy of dogs and at the time of the split they shared three pups, white shepherd mix Dolly, black and white pit mix Sophie and shaggy, gray Clyde, breed unknown but kind of looks like a Muppet.

Dogs even prominently featured in the rumors of the couple’s split. While supposedly still with Jen, Justin was seen living in New York walking a gray pit bull. At the time, our minds raced with questions. “Who is this dog? You don’t just go on a vacation to New York and adopt a dog to walk around the park! WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN,” we screamed at our newsfeeds. It was a lot to unpack. Could it possibly be Erin, a pup that he was trying to find a home last September?

Now there is the concern of dog custody for the pair’s shared pooches. At least we don’t have to worry that if Justin loses the custody battle — he knows exactly the right places to adopt new furry friends to keep him company.

Credit: Instagram/Justin Theroux

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