Here's Why You Should Foster a Dog

Here's Why You Should Foster a Dog

You don’t need to swallow a radioactive substance to become a superhero.

By Brienne Walsh

Are you feeling the winter doldrums? We’re with you. It’s a gloomy world out there — and so cold.

Do you want relief that doesn’t involve drinking yourself into a stupor or becoming addicted to prescription pills? We have a solution. Foster a shelter dog!

The reasons why dogs need to be fostered vary. Sometimes, there’s literally no room at the shelter. Other times, the dogs are puppies, or have injuries, and need a super safe place to live until they are ready to be adopted. Sometimes, they just need to be socialized.

To begin the process, find a shelter near you, and contact them to find out about their fostering programs! Oh, and read the top five reasons why you should foster a dog below.

1. You’ll free up room at the inn … which in this case is actually an animal shelter.

Approximately 3.9 million dogs enter shelters in the United States each year. A third of those animals are euthanized because there’s just no money or resources to take care of them. By fostering an animal in your home, you’re freeing up room at the shelter for staff to take another animal out of an abusive home, or off the street. You are literally saving a life all the while getting stinky dog kisses for free.

2. A puppy just wants to spend time with you snuggling on the couch. 

🚨 HOLY JAMOLY CUTENESS ALERT 🚨 bring on the Ooooo’s, Awe’s, and Oh my Gawds!!!! Introducing our newest Rescue4All fur kid: Pollyanna “Polly” for short 💗 she is a 10 week old little pitbull and is ADOR-A-BULL!!! We got a call late on Saturday night to pick her up because she had some amazing angels who stepped up to take her out of a bad situation where her future was going to be solely producing puppies for profit as soon as she went into her first heat 🤬 NOT FOR THIS GIRL! She is safe now and has been in foster and is great with other dogs, kitties, loves people, we are working on crate training and house training. She is a blank slate and needs a family who will do everything to set her up to succeed! Socialization, exposure, training and creating boundaries for her now will help to set her up to be her best dog in the future. Puppies are a HUGE undertaking and take commitment and dedication. ⚠️ If you are interested in being considered as a potential adopter please follow these instructions: ❔Virtually all of your answers will be answered on our website in your reading: 1️⃣ Go to our website 2️⃣ Thoroughly read through the HOW TO ADOPT tab 3️⃣ Thoroughly read through the OUR PROCESS tab 4️⃣ After you have read both of those tabs completely (virtually all of your questions will be answered after you have read the info) then please fill out an online application from your laptop 💻 or desktop computer 🖥 or click on the mobile 📲 friendly link on the application page. Please share if you can and let's get this pup adopted! #Rescue4All #pitbull #fosterpuppy #omg #socute #adorabull #pittie #pibble #thatface

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Puppies are the often the most in need of a foster home because they need a safe, attentive environment to grow until they are old enough to find a forever home. Puppies are a lot of work, we know! But you really just need to love and take care of them as they're too young to go outside and meet other puppers yet. Plus, do you need to make new friends or find a romantic partner? What better way to meet people than invite them over to meet your foster puppy? That's a win-win.

3. You can be a dog spy.

Part of the reason why fostering an animal is so beneficial to a shelter is that foster parents provide valuable information about a dog’s behavior so that he or she can end up in the best home possible. The good news is that no one is watching you while you are collecting this behavior. Do you want to play suspenseful music while you watch the dog? Do you want to wear a pantsuit, and whisper notes into your phone? Ok, this might freak the dog out. But the more information you collect, the better off the dog will be in the future.

4. Socializing is important.

For humans and dogs both. The nice thing about fostering a dog is that you get to know a new creature, and in turn, become an even better animal parent yourself. And, if you have pets already, the foster learns how to socialize and play with them, thereby giving him or her skills to succeed in a future home.

5. It’s not forever.

Having a dog is a LOT OF WORK. The nice thing about fostering a dog is that the work ends. It’s not like having a human baby where you can never sleep again, and forget about reading a book. When you foster a dog, the whole point is that eventually, you give him or her to a good home, and can return to your regular routine. It’s a commitment, but a temporary one. And who knows, maybe one day, you’ll find yourself able to provide that forever home to the dog you’ve never had, or another dog you never knew you wanted.

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