A Crook Tried to Sell an Adopted Frenchie On Craigslist for a Profit

A Crook Tried to Sell an Adopted Frenchie On Craigslist for a Profit

And the shelter that originally rescued the pup is not having it.

By Brienne Walsh

When a one-year-old French Bulldog named Pine Green was adopted from the Westminster Adoption Group and Services (WAGS) in Southern California, he thought he had found his forever home. And then, his new parents tried to sell him for a profit on Craigslist.

As Shereé from The Real Housewives of Atlanta would say: “Hell to the no, to the no, no, no.”

Pine Green was one of 78 French and English bulldogs rescued, and put up for adoption by WAGS. The processing fees for adopting the pups was high — $500 for adults, and $800 for puppies. Even still, WAGS received over 4,000 applicants for the purebreds, who along with being freaking adorable, are expensive to buy on the open market.

Well...last night was an eventful one here at WAGS. Our Shelter Manager, Cortney received a phone call from one of our Animal Control officers around 730pm stating that she was being called out to a home with approx 40 English & French Bulldogs and would need assistance in the collection and housing of these dogs. A team of amazing staff (Brandy, Amanda, Lindsey, Steven, Dr. Tran, Dr. Hueston, ACO Serrato & ACO Behn) gathered at WAGS to help out and by about 10pm, the dogs started arriving. One by one our vets looked at them and saw that the majority of these dogs have some degree of mange, some have cherry eyes, a few have infected surgery sites (seen in the picture posted) and they all were absolutely filthy! By the end of our 6+ hour night, the final count was 78 English & French Bulldogs. The owner of the dogs was allegedly breeding and selling them and not giving them the medical care they required. The living conditions for these dogs was horrible and now WAGS has to get these guys healthy and in good condition for adoption in the hopes that the case goes in favor of the dogs and they can be put up for adoption. This is where we need everyone's help! We will have to hold these dogs for roughly 10-14 days while waiting for the courts decision...we've done the math and it will cost $350 minimally per dog during that time for medical care, extra staffing costs to care for them during that time. We are in desperate need of monetary donations to help us buffer some of that cost. If you are able to donate towards the care of these dogs, please go to www.paypal.me/wagspetadoption and type "bulldogs" in the comments section so your donation will go directly to their care. This is still an open investigation and we are unsure when the dogs will be officially the property of WAGS and be able to be put up for adoption. Please be patient with us as this can be a meticulous process. We will post pictures of the dogs soon and will update you all on the progress of the case as we are able. We will let you all know when we will be able to start showing them for adoption as soon as possible. Thank you, and please share this post! We need all the help we can get!

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Staff at WAGS thought they had vetted the adoptive parents thoroughly. Then someone forwarded them the Craigslist ad for Pine Green, who was described as “cute, kid-friendly and social.” His price tag? $1,450.

Like, come on! How could you try to make a profit off a creature that just needs a home? WAGS agrees. And they are not taking this sitting down. Oh no. They’ve lawyered up, and they intend to get Pine Green back from the despicable people who lied to them.

If you’re as outraged as they are, then channel your energy in a positive direction. There are six bulldogs still up for adoption — all of them female, and all of them between the ages of 5 and 10. Why haven’t they found homes yet? Because many people don't want an older dog. But they make the best pets! Poor sweeties – we’re just saying!

Credit: Mike Dorney Pacific Photography 

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