Taye Diggs Reveals How His Son and Ballerina Misty Copeland Influenced His Dog's Name Mixty Copeland

Taye Diggs Reveals How His Son and Ballerina Misty Copeland Influenced His Dog's Name Mixty Copeland

The hunky actor also has some tips when it comes to rescuing dogs.

By Jocelyn Vena
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When it comes to coming up with monikers for pets, Taye Diggs certainly has a knack for it. And when Unleashed recently chatted with the dog-loving actor in NYC, he shared all about the origins of the name of his pet doggy: Mixty Copeland. 

"Well Mixty Copeland, we are very close with the ballet dancer, Misty Copeland, and this dog happened to be half-black [and] half-white. We have kids that are half-black, half-white, so we kind of mixed up all of that stuff," he said, referring to his son with ex-wife, Idina Menzel, as well as his girlfriend, Amanza Smith Brown, who also has kids. "And we came up with that name for the dog." He added that having Mixty around has changed his view on how much dogs are in tune with their family's emotions and moods. "Mixty vibes right in with us and either is there to comfort us or mix up the energy and it's a beautiful thing," he said.


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Taye also shared how he knew Mixty was the one for him. "Having kids definitely was something that lent itself to us looking for that type of company, that energy," he said. "We moved to a bigger house with extra space. We knew we could do a dog good. I came from New York, so from living in smaller spaces [and] not having all of that, not having enough space for a big dog once we got [that space] we knew we could take advantage of it and do a bigger dog some good."

The actor recently teamed up with Royal Canin for the “Chews Your Match” program, to help potential pooch owners and help them pick the right breed and dog for them and their lifestyle.

“As a dog owner that has a busy lifestyle, I realize the importance of choosing a breed that’s right for both you and the dog,” he said. “Research and education are great ways to get the puppy/owner match right the first time, and I’m excited to partner with pet nutrition leader Royal Canin to help encourage potential pet owners to understand how to choose the right pet for them.”

Taye and puppies... does it get any better?

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