If Dogs Could Give Valentines, Your Dog Would 100% Give These Candy Hearts

If Dogs Could Give Valentines, Your Dog Would 100% Give These Candy Hearts

Either that or he'd eat them all first and leave us a surprise on the carpet instead.

By Stacy Lenz

Who amongst us hasn’t bought the dog a Valentine? Be it a yogurt-iced dog cookie or pink squeaky toy only to be disemboweled of its stuffing before the light of February 15th, we’ve thrown away a lot of our hard-earned dog-blogging money on presents for a dog that has no idea that it is even a holiday, what a holiday is, or even the entire concept of a calendar year.

We persist regardless, but what if this gift giving wasn’t so one-sided? We are pretty sure that our lazy-good-for-nothing (but also adorable and perfectly wonderful) dog would be the type to give you a present that he secretly wanted (“I thought we both really liked rawhides… I mean if you aren’t going to use it…”) or even worse, make you an IOU coupon book that he would never redeem (“This coupon is good for one time only to stop barking during your conference call.”).

But maybe we could give our hypothetically anthropomorphic dog the benefit of the doubt and say he’d bring us these Valentine’s candy hearts instead. Until then, we'll just print and cut them out and pretend that he did.

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