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Q&A: The Sur Staff Reacts to the Premiere

See what Stassi, Jax, Scheana, Katie, Tom, and Kristen thought of the first episode of 'Vanderpump Rules.'

By Adriana De Moura


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Stassi Schroeder Give us a quick primer, how long have you worked at SUR? How did you end up there?
Stassi Schroeder: I've been working at SUR for three years now. When I was still in school, I had a few friends who worked there, so I would spend my weekend nights coming in for drinks to pay them visits. After a while I realized that I was coming there so much that I may as well start working there, and voila! Why do you have such a problem with Scheana? What about her rubs you the wrong way? Did you feel sympathetic for her after watching her confrontation with Brandi?
SS: I'm someone who takes relationships and marriage very seriously. I've been cheated on, so when I hear about other girls who have been "the other woman" in situations, I react very strongly. I know what it feels like to be in that situation, and it is the most heartbreaking feeling. I'm very protective of my friends and my relationships and will stop at nothing to make sure no one hurts them. After seeing Scheana confront Brandi, it wasn't sympathy that I felt for Scheana, it was respect. It was very brave of her to do and I believe that it was a huge step that shows she truly is sorry and is trying to do the right thing. What did you think of Lisa's comments about your behavior? Do you think you were out-of-line at work?
SS: I'm the first to admit that I'm a bit of a handful to deal with. I probably should find that filter that's lost somewhere inside me, haha. I was out-of-line, and I've apologized since. Luckily, I have a very close relationship with Lisa. She's kind of like a mom to me; she gets me. I think she is one of those few people who understands me, and has always looked out for me. She's saved my ass many many times, and I'm thankful for that. She still busts my bum and gives me a hard time, but it's always warranted. Tell us a little more about your relationship at Jax at that time? Were you, as he described you, "a jealous girlfriend"?
SS: Jax and I obviously weren't doing very well at that time. And after watching the first episode and seeing him hit on the server at The Parlor, I think my insecurities were justified. I wasn't feeling secure in my relationship, so that in turn made me act jealous. I'm not a jealous person, but Jax wasn't making me feel assured or stable in our relationship, so I think it's only natural for me to act out and get jealous. What would your dream career look like?
SS: I've wanted to write about fashion for as long as I could remember. I already have a fashion column online for Lisa and Pandora's online magazine, I just want to keep moving up in the fashion industry; write my own style book, be a fashion commentator. . .you know conquer the world (of fashion, that is).

Jax Taylor us a quick primer, how long have you worked at SUR?
Jax Taylor: About eight months, and I ended up there through Stassi. She said, "Hey do you want to start working at Sur?" and I said yes. What do you think of Stassi's behavior towards Scheana? Do you think she was out of line in her treatment of the new girl?
JT: I think she was just showing her concerned about how Scheana was acting towards me. I think she was just getting those frustrations out. I don’t think she was acting out-of-line or anything. Any kind of girl that paid any kind of attention to me she kind of flew off the handle. That’s just Stassi. That’s just her way. Her insecurities are pretty high. But I guess every girl is like that at that age. Tell us a little more about your relationship with Stassi at that time. How is she as a girlfriend?
JT: It was great you know. We were living together. Everything was going smooth. You know we had our tensions and our fights, like everybody else. But towards that time, it was kind of just fizzling out. We kind of just weren’t getting along any more. And, I obviously made a few mistakes and she tended to call me on them. And it made things more complicated us working together. What would your dream career look like?
JT: Eventually I want to work at an agency. I want to be an agent. And then eventually open up my own agency. That’s really the goal.

Scheana Marie Give us a quick primer, how long have you worked at SUR? How did you end up there?
Scheana Marie: I have worked at SUR now for about a year and a half. I came over from Villa Blanca just to get some more shifts and Lisa thought I'd be a good fit there. I am currently still at both restaurants. Why did you want to meet with Brandi so badly? What did you think talking to her would accomplish? Were you happy with the way the conversation went?
SM: I wanted to talk to Brandi so badly because I felt she had the right to know my side of the story and I wanted to explain myself, but more importantly to apologize. She came into Lisa's inner circle and I knew right away what I had to do. I needed to own up to my prior relationship and, at the same time, explain to her what Eddie had done and lied about so she understood my side of the story as well.

Regardless what I did was wrong, and I am in full admittance to that. However I was always lied to and deceived at a very young, vulnerable, and naive age. All I hoped to accomplish from the meeting was forgiveness and understanding -- and I was so happy with the outcome. It shockingly went better than I ever could have imagined. I think Brandi is an amazing woman and I see a lot of myself in her. I just hope that one day we can be friends. Where you shocked that Stassi gave you such guff when you started at SUR? Why do you think she was so against you?
SM: When I first started at SUR, Stassi immediately labeled me the "homewrecker," as we all know. That really hurt in the beginning because she didn't know me or anything about my life and was so quick to judge without letting me explain myself. She felt that I lied to her and I did NOT lie. That was never the case! She just never gave me the chance to fully explain myself and didn't care to hear what I had to say.

I think she was so against me initially because she saw me as a threat to her relationship (not knowing I was in a happy one of my own). I understand where she was coming from once I put myself in her shoes. She probably thought "Oh here's this girl who slept with someone's husband coming to work with my boyfriend. . .hell no!" I get that. But all I wanted from Stassi was a chance to explain myself because I knew if I told her everything she would understand.  Can you tell us more about your boyfriend Shay?
SM: My boyfriend Shay is THE MOST AMAZING person I have ever met in my entire life. He's the most handsome, sweetest and best boyfriend a girl could ever want. I sit at home sometimes thinking "How did I get so lucky?" He is the most accepting and supportive man a girl could ever ask for. He never judged me about my past and has just been a true dream to be with. We actually met in high school but I was two years older than him. We had several mutual friends but never dated until two-and-a-half years ago. He is an amazing musician. The day he first sang to me I immediately fell in love. He not only is a great singer, but also writer and producer. I can't wait to get to that next level in our relationship and spend the rest of our lives together! What are some of your favorite Britney Spears songs?
SM: I'm obsessed with Britney. The girl is the s---! Some of my favorite songs would be "I'm a Slave 4 U," "Toxic" "Boom Boom," "'Til the World Ends," "I Wanna Go," and many, many more. What would your dream career look like?
SM: My dream career would be having my own show and being able to incorporate my music into that. Whether its me hosting an entertainment news show, acting in a show or starring in a reality show I just want to be happy and I am happy in every aspect of my career! Kristen Doute Give us a quick primer, how long have you worked at SUR? How did you end up there?
Kristen Doute: I have worked at Sur for five-and-a-half years. My first agent in LA told me about Sur and introduced me to Guillermo. This was when we had all of 12 employees and no liquor license. Now the place has evolved in to this giant LA hotspot. The more employees there are, the more rules we have. I don't do well with change there! Do you feel the same way as Stassi that Scheana was someone who should not be trusted?
KD: Stassi and I do not share a brain. I've been friends with Scheana for years, through my boyfriend Tom. Scheana has a past, as we all do, but that doesn't negatively effect my opinion of her. You can't judge someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes. Do you feel like Stassi’s treatment of Scheana was fair? Did you feel for Scheana after seeing her chat with Brandi?
KD: Stassi is who Stassi is, and you can't change her opinion of someone. I don't think she gave Scheana a fair chance and I don't condone the way she treated her. Yet, at the end of the day Stassi is my best friend and my loyalty lies with her. You have to pick your battles and sometimes, with her, it's just easier to turn your cheek.

I felt for Brandi after seeing their conversation! It was really intense and not a position that I would want to be in. The whole Eddie ordeal happened so many years ago and it doesn't define who Scheana is. I know Scheana is truly apologetic that her actions were a part of hurting Brandi. Tell us more about your relationship with Tom? Do you ever get any time in the bathroom?
KD: Oh, God. Tom is hilarious. What you see is what you get. We've been dating for more than four years, which is forever in Hollywood. He's my best friend. We share everything -- including hair products. He doesn't leave the house without that damn flat iron. We definitely compete for mirror time but luckily, we have two bathrooms! He should buy stock in Murray's. What would your dream career look like?
KD: Sooner than later I would like to be able to quit Sur and be working as an actor enough to support myself. I would love to be working on multiple projects at once. I feel truly fulfilled when I'm creating a 3D human being out of a character on a piece of paper. I feel that's when I'm in my element.

Tom Sandoval Give us a quick primer, how long have you worked at SUR? How did you end up there?
Tom Sandoval: I've bartended at Villa Blanca since the day it opened four years ago this April. I created the cocktail list with Ken and Lisa. I started working at SUR last year for a change of pace and to pick up extra shifts. I was a little nervous about going over there and working with my girlfriend Kristen. I'm kind of against couples working together, especially because Kristen loves to pull rank on people. The place gets turbulent at times and puts me to the test, but overall I love working with my friends and girl. Ken and Lisa are pretty damn cool, but not Giggy -- he's such a man whore! Can you tell us some more about your haircare routine? And about your band?
Oh man, here we go. . .this will eventually be a part of an eight book series. . .haha! Just kidding. First things first, I'm better off if I shower the night before, followed by a little flat iron action. The next day when I wake up my hair has lost its "too perfect look"(which is good). With dark thick hair it's important to create texture and separation. I do this by twisting my hair into spikes with heavy pomade (maybe Murray's?) and almost parting it on the side, sort of if Billy Idol had a side spike. I keep it all in place with the strongest hairspray I can find. Kristen's crappy moveable hairspray is like throwing a cup of water on a burning house! Anyways. . .This process can't be rushed or it will come off looking like Ricky Martin '99. Who knows how long this look will last, I change my hairstyle as often as my guitar strings. . .

My Band, Pierce the Arrow, is my other passion along with acting. I've been playing guitar for 10 years. After leaving my old band, Invictory, my good friend Brayden Pierce asked me to play guitar for his solo project which evolved into Pierce the Arrow. We often get compared to Imagine Dragons, The Smiths, Jeff Buckley, and U2. Our recently recorded live album can be heard on our website,, and purchased on iTunes. Personally, I'm so intrigued by guitar effects pedals. To me they are like tattoos -- once you get one, you want another. Tell us more about your relationship with Kristen? How did you guys get together?
TS: Kristen and I have been together for roughly five years. Jax introduced us because Kristen was friends with his ex-girlfriend. We've lived together for two-and-a-half years. We share a love for music and acting. I'm was initially drawn to her beauty, combined with lack of "Princessness" (no offense Stassi), the fact she plays guitar and her overall generosity. We have a similar career path. Excluding the slight competition, we really motivate and help each other out. She is the perfect live- in scene partner who helps me write guitar riffs. We have randomly been in three movies together, our next one comes out on Redbox in March. Kristen, to me, is the perfect mix of adorable and smokin' hot sexy. . . What would your dream career look like?
TS: My Dream Machine awakens me some days as a musician and some days as an actor. When I close my eyes and think of the future, right now. . .I picture myself on stage in front of thousands along side Brayden and Shay, melting faces with my pitch-shifter, with Kristen in the front row signing "I Love U" after just wrapping the biggest movie of the summer co-starring Jack Nicholson, Brad Pitt, Vera Farmiga, Rooney Mara.

Katie Maloney Give us a quick primer, how long have you worked at SUR? How did you end up there?
Katie Maloney: I have been working at SUR for 3 years. I went to SUR for dinner with friends for the first time and thought it was a really cool restaurant. I brought my résumé in the next day and the rest is history! Do you feel the same way as Stassi, that Scheana was someone who should not be trusted? Do you think Stassi's treatment of her was fair?
KM: No. I don't share the same feelings as Stassi. I don't condemn Scheana for her past, although I don't condone it either. I gave Scheana the benefit of the doubt. Once I got to know her I found that she is a cool chic. On the other hand Stassi is my best friend however, I don't respect the way she treats Scheana. Stassi is extremely opinionated and tends to act on impulse. That's just her and I cant control it. I ALWAYS am encouraging Stassi to be mature and give others a chance! You’re the only staffer not dating someone on staff -- is the deliberate? Are you glad to be out of the in-house dating pool?
KM: It wasn't a deliberate decision. However, Schwartz being best friends with Jax and Tom Sandoval and the former roommate, that makes him an honorary SUR member! Tom and I have a really great relationship and I'm happy we don't work together, I like that I have my own thing and he has his own thing. Do you think SUR is a hard restaurant to work at compared to other places you’ve been?
KM: In some ways, yes. It's very difficult to come into SUR and just do your work and go home. I feel like every shift is eventful and never know what to expect. Also, it's almost impossible to leave personal issues at home because I work with my best friends, which brings in a lot of drama! All that aside, I love working there! What would your dream career look like?
KM: Ah! I would have my own music supervision company, as well as a boutique record label.

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