Tom Schwartz: I Was Absolutely Overwhelmed

Tom Schwartz: I Was Absolutely Overwhelmed

"Tom and Jax surprising me by bringing my brothers was the best gift I've ever received."

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Jax and Tom Surprise Schwartz With His Brothers

As I've said 324 times since the wedding occurred, it was an absolute fairytale. From the venue, the friends and family, the food, the music, it was truly magical. I had moments of pure elation, sometimes I would be lost in the moment, other times it was sort of an out of body experience watching myself and thinking, "Is this really happening? Is this really YOUR wedding?" We put in all of the work leading up to the big day so that we could just coast once we were there. Maybe like how an actor puts in all the work leading into a role and then once it's time to act throws it all away and let's it flow. Smooth sailing with serene blue skies.

Far and away the most sobering moment was writing a check for my half of the costs. It really stung. I felt like I took an uppercut from Tyson circa 1986. However, to be able to write that check without busting the bank and the sight of my soon to be wife, glowing, soothed the sticker shock and curbed the rush of "other things I could be doing with this money" angst. I really feel like we (mostly Katie) perfectly captured the "Woodsy Elegance" theme. It was simultaneously lavish and understated, a really nice balance.

Getting to see my mom for the first time at the venue was incredibly moving. I just burst into tears. She's the best mom a kid could ask for and she's done so much for me, I just lost it when I saw her cute face. She was ready to rock & roll. Mom doesn't really drink but when she got there, she was all "alright bottoms up let's fire up the fireball."

Tom Schwartz's Brothers Miss Their Flight

Tom and Jax surprising me by bringing my brothers was the best gift I've ever received. They put so much work into coordinating with my brothers, making sure they kept it a secret, fitting them with proper wardrobe, booking their flights, arranging the car. They really went above and beyond. I had absolutely no idea, no inclinations that they were planning something. In showbiz they say "the camera captures everything." Usually I tend to agree with this saying, especially having watched in horror some of my old auditions. In that moment though, watching it back I didn't see the tidal wave of the emotion I felt. Maybe I just don't emote well. I was already very emotional and sentimental and then my triplet brothers walk out, one by one, dressed to the nines. I was absolutely overwhelmed -- shock and joy. I just broke down in the best possible way. I love them so much, Billy, Burt, and Brandon.

I actually almost ruined the surprise, I had a nice little proper buzz going and my manager wanted a corona, they didn't have any at the bar but I knew they were chilling in the "general store" so I went on a little mission to grab one for him. Half way there someone grabbed me and pretty much yanked me by the neck saying "we need you like NOW!" I was slightly annoyed and insisted I grab a rona for my man but she insisted and then I begrudgingly followed her back up. My brothers were waiting inside that room and the whole surprise would have been blown.

A Dapper Tom Schwartz Is Ready to Get Married

Stay tuned for Tom's thoughts on his Big Day next week!

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