Hey La, Hey La, Andy's Back!

Hey La, Hey La, Andy's Back!

And he's making us totally jealous of his Tahitian travels.


I am home, and jet lagged, and on French Polynesia time, and in a Bora Bora state of mind. What a trip it was. I did not check my Blackberry once! Can you believe it? And THAT was a crucial thing. When I fired it up on American soil on Wednesday, I had 1200 emails to deal with and my fingers were somewhat clumsy on my keypad, which is a new sensation for me. (I do not have clumsy fingers, as you may or may not know.)


Have you ever been to Tahiti? It is sensational, and I recommend it fully. I was with a group of friends island hopping on a boat. It was di-vine. I fell in love... with paddle boarding. It's not only zen-inspiring, it's a good upper body and core workout. We spent a fair amount of time on deserted islands, and saw palm tree after palm tree, which reminded me of The Palm, and you know I love The Palm.


Here's a camoflaugey fish that looks like sand. I dig it. (We set it free post-photo session, or course.)


The colors are so vivid all day long, and every sunset was sensational and different. Here's a pink one, for Tahitian gay pride.


I was kidding about Tahitian Pride. Here's some blue water, which makes me very happy.

I know these pics are incredibly boring, and people pics are more fun...but it is what it is! Sorry to be that guy who shows boring pics from his vacation. The others are too salacious to put on a company blog... I am sadly going to miss the Emmys this weekend, but I am sending positive French Polynesian vibes to my "Top Chef" co-workers to bring home the gold. And if they don't, I give everyone permission to snarl at the "Amazing Race" producers.

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