What I Learned Last Night

What I Learned Last Night

Andy shares his favorite tidbits from last night's Watch What Happens Live.


Here's what I learned on "Watch What Happens Live" last night:

* Lance Bass dated Cedric but did not ever spend the night at Vanderpump Manor. 

* Adrienne may or may not look like Charo, and she gets her hairglitter installed in Vegas.  

* Lance may or may not have dated Ricky Martin back in the day. 

* You all do NOT think that Adrienne is too mean to Paul, who's last name is Nassif and not Maloof. (Sorry, Paul.)

* Justin Timberlake holds all the cards in the event of an *NSYNC reunion.  

* Kelly Ripa loves Adrienne's hair glitter.  

* Adrienne thinks that Camille is not getting a bad rap on the show. 

* The Sacramento Kings have a Jewish player who watches, and enjoys, "Watch What Happens Live." 

* Adrienne is very very very rich. And gave me my own $500 commemorative chip from the Palms with my face on it!  It is nontransferable for cash. 

Here's the aftershow, which is very entertaining!

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