C Is For Clay, Candy, And Cloris

C Is For Clay, Candy, And Cloris

Andy visits the Spelling mansion in L.A.

The fact that Clay Aiken is coming out is a beautiful thing. I do wonder what took him so long. HE knew it and WE knew it... Maybe his MAMA didn't know it? I bet that was it, the ClayDelay was on account of his sweet Mama. Oh Mama, you know now! Give him a hug. He don't mean no harm. Will it still be funny when Kathy Griffin calls him Gayken? (It will.) Will the ClayMates still worship him? (I don't know.).

I am on a plane back to NYC this morning and will land in time to join Tabatha Coffey and tonight's eliminated Runway Designer on the after-show. I am getting concurrently sadder and more pumped for the season to end. The last 4 episodes are fantastic. There will be much to discuss online tonight!!!!

I found myself at Candy Spelling's home yesterday. It's the truth and it would be rude for me to say too much because I was not invited to blog. That being said, I feel like I owe it to the three of you who read this blog to say SOMETHING She loves impressionist art, has all of Aaron's scripts leather- bound (I flipped through some "Dynasty"), boasts a screening room that is not to be believed, and is a gracious hostess.

The high point for me was a visit to the wrapping room. (!) It inspired me to gift. That is one organized, gift wrapping-loving lady. The doorknobs on the front doors are huge, by the way. And, um, who is going to buy that house when she moves into the massive new 16,000 square foot condo????

Post-Candy, it was room service and "Dancing with the Stars" for me. As a new viewer, I am trying to figure out if Tom Bergeron is trying to be funny or punny or what.. Is he funny??? Cloris had a little princess crown in her hair, which just about did me in. She did the Mambo. I think. Who is Brooke Burke again? This backstage interview-lady is the woooooorst.

The show kind of dragged on endlessly waiting to see if Lucci was safe (she is). Have you seen the new Macy's commercial that celebrates their 150th anniversary with clips of every pop culture icon saying their name, from Snoopy through Carson, Seinfeld, Lucy, and "Project Runway"?? I can't believe it. Do you realize how expensive clearing all that footage is!?! It is impactful.

There's a great 3-night "American Masters" about the history of Warner Bros. Pictures that started last night. I watched and loved a lot of it, although it was full of bookmarks separating each segment. Too many bookmarks - about every two minutes!

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