Andy Cohen celebrates marriage equality in NYC, but wonders how his life would have been different if it existed years ago.

I am so energized by the New York State Senate's passage of gay marriage Friday Night, and am especially grateful to the brave Republicans who went out on a limb for us. I can't believe this is finally a reality.  

That being said, the more happy I got over the weekend, I started to feel some anger and regret over what my life might've been like had marriage always been an option. If I had been aspiring towards that goal, would I be settled with kids right now? Woulda coulda shoulda, I guess, but it's an interesting question. I really believe that one day very soon we'll all look back on this issue in amazement and wonder how it was possible that this took so long.  

Oh and now I wanna marry a goat. I'm kidding, of course. 

The energy in the city yesterday -- Pride Day -- was electric and we tried to continue it in the Clubhouse last night. I thought last night's RHNJ was a lot of fun, though I agree that it got a little racy at times. Seeing that chapel just slayed me. Teresa is full of surprises! Who knew? A chapel in the house. 

This is my first blog in a few days so I apoligize. After the RHNYC reunion I needed to take a breath and bring it down. It was a great show and the women were firing on all cylanders. Alex took a lot of hell from the brunettes, but gave as good as she got. There was a lot said, let me put it that way. 

I'm really excited about our live streaming After Show. I hope you're finding it easy to watch. It's awesome using that Samsung tablet to talk to you in real-time!

It is so gorgeous here I can't take it. Good drama on Platinum Hit tonight! 


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