Monday Funday

Monday Funday

Andy fills us in on his karaoke-filled weekend.

I am feeling bullish about today, and I think that's because the weekend was a mix between very productive and very fun.

And before I get into that, let me apologize for my spotty blogging. I am so busy with everything at Bravo, add finishing my book to that equation, and you'll hopefully understand. And Christmas shopping. And the show going five times a week. Lord, help me. Friday night I let off some steam at the Jimmy Fallon Christmas Party and wound up warbling in a karaoke room in the Village. Maybe I performed a duet of Rocky Mountain High. Maybe not, but I think maybe I did. 

Saturday I jammed on my book and went to the Waverly for a late dinner with friends.  Drinks are 16 bucks for a cocktail, and I mentioned that to a friend who said that's "standard" these days. Ruh Roh. 

Yesterday was more book and a ton of Bravo screening. Before the show, I went to the premiere of Madonna's movie W.E. at the Museum of Modern Art. I enjoyed it -- a juxtaposition of the Wallace Simpson/throne abdication story with a modern day Real Housewife of NYC living in her own misery.  Madonna looked gorgeous, and I did not. I took pictures in the press line, and when I got to my seat realized that my zipper was down all the way. Lovely.

Tonight I'm going deep with Taylor Armstrong live at 11, and I haven't stopped chuckling from last night's WWHL, which was one of my favorites. Sandra Bernhard was hilarious and Roble was adorable!  We got into it on the After Show! Check it out:

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