Monday Morning

Monday Morning

Andy talks about running into a certain 'Top Chef' and his time in the Clubhouse with Kelly and Mark.

It's a good day! Tonight will be fun too when Brandi and Dana visit the Clubhouse live at 11.

The weekend was pretty damn good too. Friday night I went to a Little Darlings party at my pal Graciela's. We had lots of food and then watched the film, which is even better today for all the wrong reasons. Kristy McNichol might've been the Meryl Streep of her time, and Matt Dillon was so hot that everybody screamed every time he came onscreen. And the whole movie is girls' boobs and nipples. It's essentially soft-core porn.

Saturday morning I headed to the beach and worked on my book all day. I ran into East Hampton for a Sam's Pizza -- my favorite -- and ran right into Harold Dieterle and his great wife, Meredith. I always love running into Harold.

That night I half-worked on my book and half-watched the baseball game, which was tremendous. Albert Pujols' three home runs got me so wound up I had a hard time sleeping.

Yesterday was more work on my book, some Bravo viewing, and then racing back to the city with the help of Sirius' Studio 54 Station, which was en fuego.

I got many tweets about the reunion and your strong and mixed feelings about my questioning of Teresa. I read them all and hear what you're saying. WWHL was a blast with Mark and Kelly -- how funny were they? Here's the After Show, where the hijinx continued...

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