Hugh Acheson

Hugh Acheson gives advice for teammates of an "immune Achilles heel."

on Jun 11, 2012


We are still in a Florentine frenzy after the casting off of Gary. Jenna and Liz are trying to make amends in transit as they have been placed on the same team, but like bleach and ammonia, some things are not a healthy mix. Jenna wants Liz to find her inner chef, one full of ego and evil. John, the chauffeur for this leg of the Infiniti Jest, remarks that all chefs are egotistically unstable. Going to agree with John on this one: his Midwestern logic is hard to argue with sometimes. Jenna meanwhile feels like she has been “kicked in the nuts,” the second time I can remember her uttering this this season. If I said the gender reverse of this I would be properly admonished. I am again at a loss for words. 

Off to the Modena. This should be cheesy. In all seriousness, the earthquake in May near Modena really took its toll, with a devastating death toll and a real impact on industry in the region. Our hearts go out to the multitudes affected. Parmagiano Reggiano, one of the most important regional exports, lost upwards of 10% of their production. Sadly this is not a cheese that you can just make overnight, so this hit will have long term impact. 

What is tattooed on Avery’s back? I am hoping it says Original Gangsta. When I was growing up I had an acquaintance who was a little too much into the rockabilly scene and had “Rock ‘n’ Roll” tattooed on his arm, quite large, but the problem was it came out as “Rok ‘n’ Roll.” Solution? A “c” and an arrow was added, just like an edited version of a manuscript. No joke.