The Travelogue

In defense of Jenna. (Sort of.)

on Jun 19, 2012

I must preface this week's recap with the fact that I finally just watched The Hangover 2. And if you'll remember, while most of it does take place in Bangkok, Chiang Mai does get a shout-out. And no matter how difficult this challenge was for our chefs, no one ended up in a Simian drug ring or with a regrettable face tattoo, so overall, I think they were better off. So, quit your bitching, chefs!

This time around, the chefs broke up into pairs. Was I the only one surprised that Nookie and John teamed up, rather than Nookie and Avery? Or did I miss something? Avery actually ended up with Jenna, which would eventually cause major issues throughout the whole episode. First, the chefs had to "Go to Pahyum Mrket and Purchase 2 Bakets of Coconuts." No one at the market speaks English -- and Jenna doesn't know Thai! What's the Italian phrase for not knowing how to speak Thai?! I will say that the chefs were lucky that the cab drivers on the way over did speak English and many of the chefs took advantage of that by asking them how to say things, like "coconuts," in Thai. John and Nookie find the coconuts first, but the ladies aren't far behind. Watching the chefs try to operate the baskets was fairly amusing, and it seems the Thai women in the market were equally amused.

The chefs then had to head to a specific location to grate five pounds of coconuts. Nookie and John gain their lead back by paying a Thai woman to show them how to get to the location. And luckily, John knows the correct method of grating cooconuts, which apparently invokes a wooden board and a nail. Yikes! Jenna and Avery's team begins to break down already, with Avery claiming that Jenna got them lost on the way to the grating location. While I'm all for blaming Jenna, it always takes two to tango, and Avery didn't know where she was going either, so the accusation seemed fairly unwarranted. I don't think it was clear how Jenna was responsible for being lost. Once that team finally arrives at the grating spot, Avery comes up with the idea to leave some of the coconut water in the coconuts to weigh them down. Since the groups are being judged by how fast they can grate by weight, this is pretty smart. Nookie can't figure out how Jenna and Avery are catching up so quickly, which I find amusing because this "technique" seems right up Nookie's alley.