Captain Lee Rosbach

Captain Lee explains why he's not done with Andrew yet, and why Kelley and Kate might be the disappointments.

on Aug 26

Ahoy Below Deck peeps!

We have new guests this week and as usual they are great, but it appears there are some issues boiling just beneath the surface that are going to make this charter very interesting to say the least. At least from a crew standpoint.

Let's get the Andrew thing out of the way first. He seems to be the gift that just keeps giving. I don't have any idea where this is going but when he explained that he embellished his resume, short for lying, it explained a lot. I still like the kid, but I have a duty to the crew and he is a part of that. At least for now. I admired his willingness to stick his neck out to get what he wanted and where he wanted to go. His methods left much to be desired but it still takes big ones to try and pull that off. Shades of Catch Me If You Can. Also took a lot of balls to admit it and admit it to his crew members. Couldn't have been easy. So that tells me something is in there worth saving. Not sure I can do it, but we will find out.

I am also not sure why every other crew member is so obsessed with what is going to happen with Andrew. It's not their call and doesn't affect any one but the exterior crew as long as we keep him in check. They should spend their time just doing their own job and not worrying about anything else. Obviously this is going to be easier said than done.

Andrew is not a quitter. The crew is justifiably not cutting him any slack, so he could have just walked off and been done with it, but he didn't. Despite the embarrassment of it all, he is sticking with it and that is to his credit.