4 Places Jet Setters Can Celebrate July 4th Outside of the U.S.

Here's where to represent America abroad!

One of the few downsides of international travel is feeling left out when our home country's big days roll around. If you are overseas this Independence Day, there's no need to sob alone into your foreign substitute for American hot dogs: Join fellow travelers and expats at an international celebration instead!

1.  Rebild, Denmark

If you are spending the summer in the happiest country on earth, try to tear yourself away from the sublime design and cuisine of the capital to visit Rebild National Park. Just one hour from Copenhagen, Rebild has been the site of the biggest 4th of July celebrations outside of the U.S. since 1912 after a group of Danish-Americans purchased the land. The festivities stretch over several days and include music, entertainment, and guest speakers who have previously included Walt Disney and Ronald Reagan.

2.  London, U.K.

America may have declared its independence from the British on July 4th, 1776, but that doesn't mean the Brits can't join in with the fun in 2016. Where better to commemorate the historic day than in the former home of founding father Benjamin Franklin? Benjamin Franklin House, where he lived between 1757 and 1775, will host a lunchtime Independence Day Party with cake and champagne on the the holiday.

3.  Moscow, Russia

Forget what you've seen in The Americans, the United States' old enemy will put its grudges aside to join in with the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia's Annual Fourth of July Celebration on July 2 at the Tseleevo Golf and Polo Club north of Moscow. Expect lots of children's games, live music, and some typically American-style eating competitions.

4.  Shanghai, China

As in Moscow, the Shanghai branch of the American Chamber of Commerce takes on the responsibility for ensuring the city's ever-growing American expat community doesn't feel lonely over the special date. AmCham Shanghai’s annual Independence Day Celebration will take place on July 2 at the newly opened Shanghai Disneyland Resort. Attendees — or those with children, at least — will be treated to day passes to Shanghai Disneyland Park, a balloon corner, kids cosplay competition, tattoo and face painting, as well as a brunch and celebratory drinks.

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