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It’s Almost Like Maury Just Announced “Golden Retriever, You…ARE THE FATHER!”

Looks like some dog wasn’t ready for fatherhood!

It’s a trope as old as time: Women take to motherhood much more quickly than men take to fatherhood. There are, of course, exceptions, but generally mothers are naturally bonded with their babies from pregnancy, and fathers have to adjust to a tiny, squirmy stranger in their midst. That said, most fathers will assume the responsibility and learn to bond in their own way.

But not this golden retriever.

When presented with one of his newborn puppies, the dog reacts like a Maury guest who just got some bad news about his paternity test. He gives the puppy a look of disdain, averts his gaze, and then buries his head in the pillow, repeating the process every time his tiny son inches closer. We’ve got bad news for you, doggo: You most definitely are the father.

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