Here's What Gordon Ramsay Thinks About Your Favorite Halloween Candy

Look away if you love candy.

If you're a fan of Halloween candy, you'll want to avert your eyes when Gordon Ramsay taste-tests some of the classics in last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live bit. That's because the sweet, colorful treats of your childhood (and adulthood, truth be told) turn into a wet mush that goes shooting out of his mouth, along with a few choice comments about the candies and the people who love them.

Here's what he has to say about a certain candy you've no doubt stocked up on for Halloween: It's "perfect," says Ramsay—a "perfect combination of aspirin and Tums." 

Candy corn? "Earwax shaped like a rotten tooth." Well, candy corn is definitely a love-or-hate thing. So we're guessing he doesn't love earwax? Or is that a compliment, considering what he has to say about circus peanuts? "How f***ing sad are they?" says Ramsay about those innocent, puffy orange candies of our youth. "Do you know what circus peanuts are? Clown sh*t! Enjoy!" 

Oh, he also hates fruit. And money too. Enjoy:


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