Why Did Ivanka Trump's Innocent-Seeming Tourist Pic Trigger Twitter Rage?

People noticed some (rather gory) hypocrisy.

Ivanka Trump is sometimes just a regular mom: She occasionally flies commercial, in coach class no less. And she takes her kids on sightseeing tours of family-friendly attractions.

For instance, she just visited the Washington D.C. zoo with her three children. She posted a snap on Twitter in which the fam stood next to an elephant, whom she described in the caption as a "new friend."

Seems pretty innocuous, right? Well, many in the Twittersphere didn't think so.

The photo provoked immediate response from folks who were quick to remember — and to rather graphically point out — that Ivanka's brother Donald Jr. famously posed for another tourist photo with an elephant that wasn't quite so family friendly. In that now-infamous snap, he posed with the tail of an elephant he killed on safari.

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