Jimmy Fallon Proves Nobody Knows How to Pronounce LaCroix in Hilarious — and Totally Relatable — Video

Le Quaff? La Croweeix? Lil'Crudboy? It's a head scratcher for the ages.

Americans have a long history of mispronouncing foreign-sounding brand names for retailers and and retail products. Heck, we do it all the time!

Like did you know that Greek yogurt brand Fage is pronounced Fa-HEY? Or that Swedish furniture giant Ikea is really pronounced ee-kay-uh? Seriously. Look it up.

So with all that in mind, it shouldn't come as a big surprise that we all seem to struggle when it comes to the correct pronunciation of the country's current sparkling water obsession: LaCroix.

Except that unlike all those other brands, LaCroix is actually an American brand — named, according to the company’s website, after the “La” in its hometown of La Crosse, Wisconsin, and the “Croix” from the St. Croix river which flows between Wisconsin and Minnesota.

So how should we pronounce it? La Crux? La Qua? La Croy? Once again the brand’s website has the answers you’re looking for (“It rhymes with ‘enjoy.’”)

But this correct pronunciation is far from common knowledge, and Jimmy Fallon and the crew at The Tonight Show know it. During a recent video segment in which Fallon answered questions from his suggestion box, he admitted that, like most people, he too was unsure of the sparkling water’s pronunciation. So he sent a writer down to the front of 30 Rock to see if people on the street noticed when he pronounced the brand name in a variety of fun ways.

And oh — how they did not? La Crowix, L.A. Croys, Le Quaff, La Croy-yoy-yoy, L'Choo-Choo, La CHHHHHX, LOL Clowns — no matter what he tossed out, the fine folks of NYC did not risk correcting his outlandish pronunciations. And frankly we can't exactly blame them.

Grab yourself a refreshing LaCroix (remember, it rhymes with enjoy!), kick back, and check out the full video below.

Oh... and now you know!

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