Kanye West Will Probably Do This Strange Thing if You Meet Him, Says Kim Kardashian

She has a hard time keeping him awake because of it.

Known Kardashian enthusiast Jennifer Lawrence interviewed Kim Kardashian while guest hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night, and things got a little weird. Mainly because she really wanted to know what is the weirdest thing that Kanye West has been known to do?

"He falls asleep anywhere," Kim told J-Law. "We'll be at a meeting or he'll introduce me to people I've never met before, we'll be at a restaurant and he'll be snoring at the table."

Kim didn't call it narcolepsy, the neurological disorder that makes it hard for some people to stay conscious — which is ironic because Jimmy Kimmel has often spoke of having a narcolepsy diagnosis himself.

"I personally don't think Jimmy was ever narcoleptic," ex-girlfriend Sarah Silverman told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live in 2014. "His doctor did say he was narcoleptic and basically put him on basically the Limitless drug. He goes, 'I'm narcoleptic! I went to the doctor and I told him I fall asleep every day at like 3:00.' I was like, 'Yeah, everybody does! It's an hour and a half after lunch!'"

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