Kylie Cosmetics Made A Huge, Bizarre Mistake When Sending Out Highlighters

Customers have been very disappointed with their orders. 

As we all know, the right highlighter can give you the dewy glow of a fairy-tale maiden—or, as Chris Crocker said, can make you look like someone's "expensive-as* wife." So, it's no surprise that Kylie Cosmetics fans were eager to get their hands on the makeup guru's Kylighter (of course it's Kylighter, guys!)

Kylie released the products last month, and they sold out in, like, three minutes. Yeah, yeah—predictable. But, there's a twist! When some lucky customers got their orders, something was majorly wrong. Can you spot what's missing here?

Yep. People have allegedly been receiving empty packages of Kylighter. Of course, this strange and frustrating phenomenon didn't go unremarked-on by the Internet.

Fans of #kyliecosmetics claim that their purchase of new #kylighters came empty with NO product lol. #kyliejenner #highlighter #makup

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Some customers also reported that the highlighters are labeled with stickers, which cover the name of a previously released Kylie product. What? Watch this strangeness in action:

This is all very odd indeed, but here's where we can breathe a sigh of relief. According to multiple internet rumblings, the brand has been courteous and quick about sending out replacements. (We just hope they prioritize that poor girl who wrote "help me!!!")

All's well that ends well, right?

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