This Foodie Cat Would Win the Feline Version of Top Chef, Hands Down

He would never deign to buy frozen waffles. 


We are currently between seasons of Top Chef and we have a lot of feelings about it. On one hand, we are totally missing our Tom Colicchio / Padma Lakshmi fix. On the other hand, the timing may be right to totally shake things up on the cheflebrity circuit.

What exactly do we have in mind? Let us paint you a little picture: Instead of HUMAN chefs, it’s CAT chefs. And it stars a little cat named Maro, who has an Instagram that makes Richard Blais look like a total amateur.

As with most amazing animal things, Maro is Japanese, so we aren’t entirely sure what’s going on in his pictures or who he apprenticed under. But we do know that he loves Cosplay and he arranges some of the most impressive meals we have ever seen in our lives. Take a look:

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