Olivia Munn is Insecure About Her Eyelash Curler

And she wishes you'd stop talking about it. 

Olivia Munn wishes people would stop talking about her eyelash curler. The actress took a moment to vent about the awkwardness of it all when The Lookbook met up with her at a Los Angeles event for Chef's Cut Real Jerky.

Sporting a casual, striped look punched up with a red lip, the actress revealed: "In the restroom, when [I'm] doing a touchup, people always make a comment on me using my eyelash curler. I think that most people just curl their eyelashes and go on. But, I'm Asian so my eyelashes can be super straight, and I have to constantly curl them."

So, what do the gawkers say to Olivia? After doing a double-take at her bathroom behavior, they remark: "You don't really see people curling their eyelashes. Literally, that's what they say!" Olivia told us. But for all the haters that think Olivia's weird for using the contraption; well, she thinks you're weird for commenting. "It's a mess," she joked. Watch the actress relay the hilarious story in the video above.

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