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Omelet on a Stick? 5 Cool and Easy Egg-Cooking Methods You Need in Your Arsenal

The best part of waking up is... an omelet on a skewer?

Fried eggs, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, omelets—what's not to love? But don't you get the urge to mess around with the routine and get a whole new egg trick under your belt? For instance: Ever cooked eggs in a waffle iron? Or in the microwave? How about an omelet on a stick? Here, 5 ways to reinvent your egg breakfast, from the totally scrumptious to the frankly weird (you decide which is which).

1.  Eggs on a stick

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Carnival culture tells us everything from a hot dog to a popsicle belongs on a stick, but an omelet? Wouldn't it just fall off? Nope, apparently not with the Rollie, an electric egg cooker that creates an omelet in the shape of a log, which you can then eat on a skewer, if that's how you roll. 

2.  Steamed eggs

Huffington Post's recent article about egg-steaming explains why the method is a more gentle option than hard-boiling your egg, and results in more tender eggs. Fringe benefit: Your egg is also less likely to crack during the steaming process, and should be easier to peel when it's cooked. 

3.  Coddled Omelet

If you want to take steaming to the next level, try coddling your eggs. It’s a similar concept, but the steaming is done in individual ceramic cups. The eggs cook as softly as you want, and the single-serving style lets you adjust the seasoning and any cheeses or other ingredients for each of your brunch guests. Watch the above video of chefs Gabrielle Hamilton and Jacques Pépin coddling eggs for a sublime intro to the technique.

4.  Microwaved omelet

Microwave omelette in a mug 👌

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Yes, you can use your microwave to make an omelet, if you're so inclined. Check out this Pies and Plots recipe for a one-minute microwave omelet. You won't get that caramelized look you'd get from an omelet cooked in a pan, but it will come out light and fluffy—perfect for throwing into a quick sandwich. It’s simple, too: Just whisk your eggs (or egg whites) in a bowl until frothy and place in the microwave on high for one minute. You’ll know it’s ready when the egg starts to puff up.

5.  Waffle iron eggs

By now you probably know a waffle iron isn't just for waffles, but have you tried cooking an egg with it? Give it a shot. Just grease up your waffle iron and toss in an egg. You'll save space on the stove, if that's an issue—and bonus: You can put different toppings and seasonings on each "waffle" quarter, depending on what your guests like. Or just gobble them all up yourself.

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