Awards Season

Oscars Best Picture Nominees as Recreated by Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits (Obviously)

Academy Awards? More like Cat-and-Dog-and-Bunny Awards, arewerite?

What’s your favorite thing about Oscars season? Watching all of the nominated movies and playing jury? Judging all of the red carpet fashions? Dressing up your pets to recreate iconic moments from each Best Picture nominee?

Wait, what? You don’t do the latter? Well luckily for you, we asked The Dog Agency to commission its clients to do just that, effectively bringing each Best Picture nominee to life with a brand new—and beyond adorable—twist.

Behold: The Best Picture Nominees (from some of the Best Animals on the Internet):

La La Land, featuring @brussels.sprout

Manchester By the Sea, featuring @bunnymama

Moonlight, featuring @dolly_pawton

Fences, featuring @remixthedog

Lion, featuring @quincyfox

Hacksaw Ridge, featuring @normanthepomsky

Hidden Figures, featuring @mochiandthecity

Hell or High Water, featuring @omgdeedee

Arrival, featuring @thelilgremlins

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