Huh? People Really, Really Hate This Candle Made Out of Pork Fat

The Internet has spoken, and the "jámon de la Bellota globe" gets two thumbs down.

Some topics generate really strong feelings online. The blue/gold dress debate, for example. Or, more recently, a culturally insensitive/misguided soda commercial. And that makes sense: the dress thing was an episode of The Twilight Zone come to life, and literally nothing else needs to be said about that commercial.

But then there are other topics that strike a negative chord with audiences for reasons that are much less clear. The most recent culprit?

Pork Fat Candle.

Or, OK, more accurately, the “jámon de la Bellota globe” dish currently being served at the Tapas Bar at La Sirena, a New York City eatery owned by Mario Batalli and Joe Bastianich. It’s a Himalayan salt globe wrapped in sliced, cured meat, topped with a candle made from rendered and strained pork fat. As the fat melts, guests can smear it onto bread and enjoy. According to Eater, the dish is also “accompanied by slices of cantaloupe and toast topped with pieces of a dehydrated melon, an ode to a dessert that former Del Posto pastry chef (and bonafide punk rocker) Brooks Headley used to serve to kitchen staff.

So yes, “Pork Fat Candle” might be reductive, but it gets the point across.

The bigger story, however, isn’t the dish, but the reactions to it when Saveur shared a video of the candle to their Facebook page.

Let's just say that people weren't exactly happy about the dish.

As of press time, there were close to 100 comments on the video, nearly all of them negative. Sure, it’s not the most conventional dish in the world, and maybe it’s a little self-serving, but we’re not sure why all the hate? People go crazy for bacon—a candle made of cured meats and fats seems right on track.

Alas, maybe this is just another case of “don’t try to understand why the Internet reacts the way it does.”

Clearly no one ever will.

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